1. J

    Nevada State EMT-B License

    Hello, I recently finished with getting my nremt certification and I was just wondering if anyone knows how long the state takes in processing a state license in Nevada. Thanks, Jester
  2. CanadianBagel

    Fire or Ambulance District? Which do you prefer?

    Hey, I'm a fairly new EMT-B soon to be medic student. I live in MO, and we have a good mix of ambulances run by county EMS agencies and some run by local fire districts. I was just wondering what some of your experiences and preferences were with these models of EMS systems. Also, do...
  3. F


    Hello.. I am the EMS Captain for a small town volunteer fire department. I have recently taken on this position as it was free and I enjoy the responsibilities. I got my card in June. I am still new to the idea of training others in EMS as I am still learning myself. However when we are on scene...
  4. C

    Have to Move :( Heading to Pullman, Washington Area - Need Insight

    My family has to move due to my husbands job and we are heading to the area of Pullman, Washington. I am a Paramedic for the 911 transporting service in a large county. I have been looking online trying to gage the services available in the Pullman and surrounding areas and I am at a loss. Seems...
  5. Z

    Design student looking for input from professionals!

    Hello! I'm an industrial design student currently focusing on medical design. I am working on redesigning and AED machine and coming up with a CPR assist device. I would really like to learn about what kind of experiences you've had performing CPR and using AED. It would really help me out a...
  6. Loshi

    Favorite EMS App

    Hi! I'm a newbie EMT, I used to be an Emergency scribe at Sutter in Sacramento. I was wondering what your guys's favorite EMS app is. I'll start by saying that my two favorites are iTriage and Figure 1 (yes they're found on the iStore) but please let us know about both android and apple apps :)...
  7. J

    Does a mental illness w/ in-patient hospitalization in the past disqualify you for EMS work?

    Hey, my name is Jon and I have wanted a career in EMS as a paramedic for a long time now. Last night I heard something that concerned me and that's that having a mental illness and being hospitalized for it can disqualify you for any emergency response work. If true, are there any ways to work...
  8. J

    South Carolina EMS questions????

    i have a few questions about the EMS systems in SC. I am currently living in Jacksonville Florida but I plan to move to SC in February once paramedic school is over. I haven't decided which part of Sc I want to move to yet due to not knowing about the counties. If anyone has any knowledge about...
  9. M

    Looking to move to Colorado. Any good 911 places??

    I am currently a paramedic in Florida. I have my license switched to Colorado and don't really know where to look for a good place to live. I kind of want to stay on the east side of the state near the mountains, so I can have plenty to do (since this is the reason I'm moving). Anyone know of...
  10. Justin DaRosa

    Newb EMS question...

    Ok, this is my first post on this website and i really like how informative it is here. My question is kind of a noob question but if i want to be a EMT, and work for the FD. Would i have to also go to fire academy and so on and, and i'm a firefighter and a EMT depending on when needed? Or do...
  11. 300Medic

    Administrative help.

    All, I am looking for some administrative help. The individual who was previously “running” our EMS portion of the department quit/got fired. By the looks of it I will be the lucky one doing most of the admin tasks. Can anyone provide me the requirements, such as NYSDOH 800 and CON that is...
  12. C

    Remote Medic job/Foreign Country reciprocity information.

    Hello all my name is christian, and I'm new to the forums. a little background: I'm 21 years old, been in ems 5 years since I was 17, got 2 years paramedic experience, 3 as a basic. I'm finishing up my degree,and I've been looking around at some careers. One of the places I've been looking at...
  13. A

    Narcan Use Survey

    Please respond to my survey about Narcan use as a diagnostic tool. Thank you! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CMKVYVC
  14. L

    Question regarding the definition of "practice" and company licensure.

    As of right now, I am in sort of a sticky situation. I have spent several hours searching the web with little to no luck on this topic so I figured why not ask the question directly. Anyway, I recently became nationally certified through NREMT. I have applied for Arizona state licensure and...
  15. elamcrosley14

    ISO: Lifepak 300 Charger

    Hello everyone! I am presently in search of a Lifepak 300 charger. I have contacted Physio-Control and numerous sellers online without success. If anyone has any leads in regards to finding one or is looking to sell one, please let me know! Thanks!
  16. J

    Getting my Texas Cert...

    So I was arrested a while back, 2 years ago like right after my 18th birthday, and the charges were dropped. I now have nothing on my record but the arrest is still listed. Can I still get certified and hired?
  17. Care Ambulance Service

    CARE Ambulance Service is Hiring.

    NOW HIRING AT CARE AMBULANCE SERVICE!! Working at Care Ambulance Service is an incredibly fulfilling and career enhancing experience. Every day is different and every call you run presents a new and exciting challenge. As one of the largest ambulance providers in Southern California, Care EMTs...
  18. Tnaemt94

    (Almost) Desperate for full time EMS work in Tennessee, PLEASE HELP

    My income is strapped right now, of course I am trying to build an income at age 21. All the counties I have inquired about do not hire full time EMTs immediately. Some require you to work part time until a position becomes available (first come first serve) and some don't even hire EMTs full...
  19. A

    Please help! New to EMS with questions regarding tactical medicine

    Hello, my name is Austin, 21, and I am a new EMS student from Virginia. I wanted to know if anybody had any advice or knowledge in the field of tactical medicine or the like? I had originally attended college in hopes of earning my degree in biology and joining the military afterwards...
  20. Tnaemt94

    EMTs and Paramedics with radio straps

    Most EMTs and medics in my county's EMS department use radio straps. I thought about getting one too. Are they beneficial or are they more of a hassle?