South Carolina EMS questions????

Jessica osborne

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i have a few questions about the EMS systems in SC. I am currently living in Jacksonville Florida but I plan to move to SC in February once paramedic school is over. I haven't decided which part of Sc I want to move to yet due to not knowing about the counties. If anyone has any knowledge about anything that they could share that would be great. Im looking for information like which counties have separate ems systems (ems separate from fire), what the base pay rate in the counties are, which counties to stay away from and which ones are great, and just any info you can give.
I currently work in the private area full time and in a hospital ER part time.
thank you.

Carlos Danger

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Greenville SC is a really nice little city in the edge of the mountains. And it's only a couple hours from Atlanta, Charlotte, Asheville, and Charleston. I don't know much about their county EMS but I've heard generally good things about it. Rock Hill / York County is a decent area, too just over the state line from Charlotte.