1. Tnaemt94

    EMS (in TN especially) is a joke

    As a kid, I admired the work of EMS and spent a large portion of my high school years preparing myself to become an EMT. After I graduated and pursued a career in EMS, I realized how "bottom of the barrel" it really is. I literally had a paramedic ask me how to spell a three-letter word. I was...
  2. W

    Rotary EMT Service

    Hey EMTLife, I am considering buying a large fleet of EMTs in Los Angeles and San Diego. My plan is to combine the 2 then expand to either more trucks or a helicopter transport service. I need to know more about the practicality of air transportation vs. the more more popular road side...
  3. theasianEMT

    Municipal EMS employment in U.S.

    Hey all, I'm a current EMT with experience on a CCT (ALS)/ BLS hospital-based EMS ambulance as well as 911 hospital experience. I am considering going to paramedic school and moving someplace else to get picked up at a municipal EMS agency. I do not mind having to start as an EMT-I first and...
  4. Tnaemt94

    Is EMS an "essential service"?

    There is debate as to whether or not EMS is deemed as an essential service. " In the case of “routine” emergencies, the threat posed by the disruption of emergency medical services is less clear. For instance, although an individual may die for lack of emergency medical treatment, the broader...
  5. K

    New Stretcher Technology

    Hello there! I am an aspiring engineering student. I am in the midst of a design for a new revolutionizing technology to make life for EMS operators a heck of a lot easier! I am in need of feedback from EMS operators, ASAP. What is the most difficult part of operating a stretcher? If your rig...
  6. CSchlesinger908


    Hello! There may already be a post like this but I didn't see it. With that being said, as the title implies if you have any tips or tricks that you've picked up over the months/years you've been in the field of EMS. Feel free to share them.
  7. Tnaemt94

    Which is better: public or private EMS?

    Some counties and municipalities have their own EMS departments. Some are in conjunction with fire departments. Other counties contract private companies, like RuralMetro, to provide EMS services for their jurisdiction. Which do you find to be the best approach?
  8. Tnaemt94

    Critical thinking: Is EMS classified as public safety or healthcare?

    EMS obviously plays a vital role in the healthcare world. It is even in the name. Emergency MEDICAL Services. We are also in close contact and interaction with fire, rescue, and law enforcement personnel in the field. And often times, fire, rescue, and law enforcement officers are cross trained...
  9. Wings91

    Southern California Ambulance Certification : DMV Issues?

    Background : -Passed the NREMT, (10/1) -Completed live scans for both the state certification and DMV ambulance cert (10/2) -Sent my paperwork to the state agency (10/3) This is what I was given at the DMV for my ambulance cert (10/2) : -Application for Ambulance Cert -DL-51 -Live scan...
  10. SPGMED

    Love the job, hate the salary...

    Hey guys. So I am here to pose an age old problem but looking for fresh ideas on how to solve it. Suffice to say that people in EMS are not in it for the money. However, I know I am not the only career paramedic suffering from hypo-fund-anemia. My question to everyone is, what sort of non-EMS...
  11. Rescue One Ambulance


    We're looking for people who would like to join a growing company. Rescue One is a Los Angeles County License provider. Starting pay above 10/hr...More with experience. We are very school friendly with plenty of OT available if you want or need it. Details below: Rescue One Ambulance 15335...