Remote Medic job/Foreign Country reciprocity information.

Christian York

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Hello all my name is christian, and I'm new to the forums. a little background: I'm 21 years old, been in ems 5 years since I was 17, got 2 years paramedic experience, 3 as a basic. I'm finishing up my degree,and I've been looking around at some careers. One of the places I've been looking at, is in Canada where I lived for 2 years(and would like to go back to), but only as an immigrant with my late mom. And the website for reciprocity seems simple enough, but some other forums I've seen say it's absolutely hard, and a horrible experience. I was wondering if anybody has any experience or info on this? I've also been looking at some remote jobs in texas, alaska, montana, and new mexico. But when I applied they all told me, I wasn't what they were looking for, I have acls, pals, itls, bls, I'm working on wilderness emt, and I'd like to find a tccc and cc-p courses but there are none where I'm at now. Is there something I'm missing or do I need more experience?

Thanks in Advance!
Christian York EMT-P/FF