1. MarilynEagle

    Almost EMT-B Looking for Paramedic Associates Degree Program

    I am enrolled in an EMT-B course right now and I'm going to finish it in the end of May. I am 17 (will be 18 the end of August) and a junior in high school right now. I was conveniently not informed until today during class by one of the instructors that I won't be able to work with their EMS...
  2. Reuben De La O

    NYFD or Chicago FD?

    Hi everyone, I just obtained my EMT License in Iowa and I'm working toward my Paramedic next fall. I will have my paramedic diploma next year and I'll have my AAS in paramedic in 2018. I'm looking at different places to work and these two had came up. I just have a couple questions about both...
  3. C

    How will traffic incidents hurt me?

    I'm going to be starting an EMT program in the fall, and here's what I'm worried about: -About two months after I got my license (16 y/o), I got in a car accident at a 4 way intersection that had no stop lights or stop signs. Later, after the accident, the city put up stop signs :P. Despite the...
  4. C


    Does anyone from Colorado (or who knows the Colorado requirements well) tell me about where/how continuing education works? I found this list of requirements if that helps: Also, as I go through school...

    Just Applied To AMR Palm Springs

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum (first post). I'm fresh out of EMT school about two months ago, and I just applied to AMR Palm Springs. I have some pretty extensive paid wilderness search/rescue and medical first responder experience with CA State Parks (still currently working with them). Any...
  6. MarilynEagle

    High School Classes for Paramedic School? (URGENT)

    I am a junior in high school right now and I am taking an EMT-B class through a local education program. After high school my goal is to attend paramedic school and get an associates degree. My current GPA is about 2.95 and I've taken all of the core classes required so far (biology, sociology...
  7. R

    A-Fib's Biochemical Origins

    I'm a paramedic student. I'll explain the patient which inspired this question, then I'll summarize my question. Patient: During an ER clinical, a middle-aged hypotensive pt (70/32 BP) previously diagnosed with A-Fib with RVR presented with a strongly fluctuating heart rate. This pt's heart...
  8. Ruuustom

    NCTI Paramedic School?

    I am looking into NCTI in Milpitas, CA for medic school. Has anyone been through this program? So far I have not heard many good things about this company...but I thought I'd ask anyway.
  9. G

    How to be a paramedic in California?

    I have been a CNA for about a year and although it's a good job I don't feel like it was something I was meant to do. I've always know I wanted to be in the medical field but, after completing my CNA program I realized that I wanted to be a paramedic. I am from a small town next to Monterey Ca...
  10. N

    Mecklenburg EMS Agency (Medic) - Seeking Qualified Paramedics

    The Mecklenburg EMS Agency (Medic) located in Charlotte, North Carolina is among the most renowned and respected pre-hospital providers in the United States. Medic has a reputation for having a patient-centered focus, excellent clinical outcomes, and exceptional quality service. Additionally...
  11. Logan Bounds

    Bachelors of Applied Science in Paramedicine. Is it worth it?

    So I am currently taking my prerequisites at Brigham Young University Idaho for the B.S. in Paramedicine. I am a Certified EMT and will be a Certified Firefighter 1 in a month. I am trying to weigh out my options here. I can continue on with the program and finish in 2 years and become an EMT-P...
  12. theasianEMT

    EMT-B Jobs on East Coast - Help please?

    Hey guys, I have a friend who's moving to the east coast from CA and is an EMT-B looking to get a job as a city or county EMT on the east coast...I told him about southeast county jobs but he's looking a little more along the lines of Chicago or Boston, NY, NJ, and wants to know how the EMS...
  13. theasianEMT

    Municipal EMS employment in U.S.

    Hey all, I'm a current EMT with experience on a CCT (ALS)/ BLS hospital-based EMS ambulance as well as 911 hospital experience. I am considering going to paramedic school and moving someplace else to get picked up at a municipal EMS agency. I do not mind having to start as an EMT-I first and...
  14. Jondruby

    Paramedic Class and Books.

    Hey guys can anyone turn me on to some good textbooks for Paramedic education. I hope to be starting classes next fall, but I would like to get some studying in ahead of time, (I am working full time so if I can get a headstart on studying that would help, come Fall). I know textbooks and...
  15. mct601

    Paramedic Resume

    Hey all, it has been quite a while since I have been here. I am gearing up to apply for some part time flight jobs in the area. At least one requires a resume to complete an application, therefore I will need to build one. I have been able to skirt by for five years in EMS without one. Does...
  16. A

    Medical Design Project - Help Wanted

    Hi All, My name is Adam Wallace and I am a Final Year Undergraduate Product Design Student at Loughborough University. I am hoping if you might be able to provide some information and feedback to a medical product I am designing at University. The 9 month project is aimed at supporting...
  17. SPGMED

    Love the job, hate the salary...

    Hey guys. So I am here to pose an age old problem but looking for fresh ideas on how to solve it. Suffice to say that people in EMS are not in it for the money. However, I know I am not the only career paramedic suffering from hypo-fund-anemia. My question to everyone is, what sort of non-EMS...
  18. 9

    Paramedic jobs in AZ??

    Hey there...I am new to, thank you for having me. Does anyone have any information on agencies hiring in metro Phx area for non-ff Paramedic positions? I am interested in hospital and/or field work. I was recently certified, so I have limited work experience in Paramedicine. This is...
  19. N

    NJ Medic Reciprocity

    Does anybody here have experience going through the reciprocity process for New Jersey Paramedic? I heard there is a MICU sponsorship involved. I'm currently in medic school in NYC and wondering if NJ MICU's would hire and sponsor a new medic straight out of school from NYS.
  20. N

    NJ Paramedic Reciprocity

    Does anybody here have experience going through the reciprocity process for New Jersey Paramedic? I heard there is a MICU sponsorship involved. I'm currently in medic school in NYC and wondering if NJ MICU's would hire and sponsor a new medic straight out of school from NYS.