1. floridamed224

    Positive Medical- Central FL

    Positive Medical Transport is looking for drivers, EMTs, and Paramedics. The following is a copy of their posting on their Facebook site: EMTs- $500 SIGNING BONUS! If you hire in before March 15, 2017, you will receive a $500 bonus. PMT is currently hiring EMT's for our Sebring & Lakeland...
  2. A

    EMS Survey: For Development Into New EMS Solution (<5 min)

    (link removed by administrator) Hi! I'm a developer from an innovation lab situated in Waterloo, Ontario. The above is a survey to inquire on the problems and pain-points in EMS delivery. The goal is to understand the actual problems and develop an innovative new solution, more details are...
  3. B

    DC/VA/MD Paramedic Jobs

    Hi All, Going to be relocating to the Washington, DC area come April. Any suggestions on places to work as a medic. I'm coming from the Boston area with 10 yrs EMS experience 911/Interfacility primarily and the last 2 years Pediatric/Neonatal Critical Care. Not really picky where I end up...
  4. Cyrus

    Interested in an EMS Career in Canada, from US

    Good morning everyone, I am searching for advice in regards to pursuing a career in EMS and immigrating to Canada. I am currently living in California and working on an ALS rig doing 911- albeit as an EMT-B. My interest is one day working as a PCP, ACP, or higher (CCP or becoming a Doc) in...
  5. danfromnaples

    First Day of Medic School Done!

    Yesterday I had my first day of paramedic classes, it wasn't nearly as overwhelming as I thought it was going to be. What's even better is that my instructor is also my college advisor and professor for A&P! Thanks to all you guys who gave me the support to continue on to paramedic! Any tips...
  6. Jesse Techno

    Basic -> Paramedic Training Management Website

    Hello all! I am new here but I have been reading threw the internet trying to find some help with something. I have been working on a program that I have been using over the last year to track my patient contacts as well as terms and stats on my training complete with reports to see when I...
  7. RocketMedic

    Quick Scenario For You (Students and New Medics)

    You're responding to a man, approximately 60, who is complaining of chest pain. The pain started 30 minutes prior, rapidly, while he was arguing with his family. The pain is described as a crushing substernal chest pressure without attendant shortness of breath. It does not radiate. It does not...
  8. J

    Moreno Valley Paramedic School

    So I have been looking into paramedic programs and was wondering who has recently gone through Moreno Valleys paramedic program, I had a few questions about it. What do they consider prehospital hours? Are they still having you do marchs, pt, and community service hours? Where are their...
  9. X


    Hello folks I live in Sacramento,CA I was wondering if anyone has attended Sacramento States paramedic program and if so how was the entry test and how was the interview?
  10. M

    Paramedic Care: Principles and Practice Vol 1-7 For Sale

    I have a brand new, never used set of books for sale. I bought the books for my paramedic program at the beginning of 2016 and never ended up opening them. They are for sale new on Amazon for about 450.00, I'm asking 400.00 and shipping is free. I have a paypal account that can be used for payment.
  11. E

    Phoenix AZ EMT's and medic

    BlastMedics wants you Apply now.. Tell CC that Don sent you. All EMT's/Paramedics in AZ. We are going to need you for sporting events in February and beginning of March. Contact us at Thank you 2/4/17 - 10 needed 2/7/17 - 1 needed 2/9/17 - 2 needed 2/11/17 - 4 needed...
  12. Loshi

    What are your initial questions that you ask when you first interact with a patient?

    Do any of you have a script? or do you just go through the general SAMPLE and OPQRST questions?
  13. cointosser13

    Flight Medic Questions

    This pertains mostly to flight medics, but if anybody else knows the answer too don't be afraid to answer. What were some clinically based questions that you had to answer during your flight interview process?
  14. J

    South Carolina EMS questions????

    i have a few questions about the EMS systems in SC. I am currently living in Jacksonville Florida but I plan to move to SC in February once paramedic school is over. I haven't decided which part of Sc I want to move to yet due to not knowing about the counties. If anyone has any knowledge about...
  15. Stephen Matthew

    New to the community.

    Hello, everyone. My name is Matthew and I am a new Paramedic from Birmingham, AL. I'm new to this level of licensure but not to EMS (started as EMT-B in 2011, AEMT in 2013 and NRP as of August 19th, 2016). I just wanted to say hello and to somewhat "break the ice." I hope this thread finds...
  16. L

    Amphibious Medics Full Time

    EMT'B or above needed for Full time position in Andover, MA. Job Title: Onsite Health and Safety Medical Technician Company: Amphibious Medics Hello, We are currently hiring EMT-B's and above to work Full Time in Andover, MA. This position will be on a construction site, providing first...
  17. cointosser13


    Here's a fun scenario I think you guys might like. Its just you (Paramedic) and your partner (EMT) at the station, Engine crew is out and about getting lunch. You have a walk in and someone says "my brother is in my car, he's badly burnt". So you grab up the stretcher and walk up to the car...
  18. C

    Paramedic Psychomotor Exam

    So I took my third attempt at passing my psychomotor exam yesterday, and failed. Now I have to take remediation and try at all 12 skills. And the worst part is, I failed the basic skill, 3 times... it was one of the first skills I did on my initial test and I threw it off as nervousness, and...
  19. Edgo

    Help with Paramedic Resarearch for a short film Project

    Hello, I am a independent filmmaker living in New York. I am doing a short film project and needed help with some research. I was hoping to talk to an experienced paramedic who can guide me through a protocol when someone has overdosed on drugs. - I have a scene where a paramedic comes into an...
  20. C

    Remote Medic job/Foreign Country reciprocity information.

    Hello all my name is christian, and I'm new to the forums. a little background: I'm 21 years old, been in ems 5 years since I was 17, got 2 years paramedic experience, 3 as a basic. I'm finishing up my degree,and I've been looking around at some careers. One of the places I've been looking at...