NREMT Paramedic Questions


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Hey all, I have a few questions that I was hoping you may be able to assist me with.
I am going to be writing my Paramedic soon in TX. The part that I am most unsure about is the Psychomotor because my training was in Canada and I am sure there are differences in expectations and training (though I have seen that most everything is standardized).

1. What sort of meds are used by NREMT? I've seen jurisdictions use all sorts of different ALS meds and I want to me sure I am prepared and don't go in using something they aren't expecting, wanting, and can't grade on.
2. Do you have a partner during scenarios? Are they dummy hands or are they independent medics who know how to perform skills if you ask them to do them?
3. How are interventions handled during examination? For example: pt obviously needs some medication. Do we need to finish a primary survey and complete vitals in the secondary after a transport decision has been made - or can we grab a set of vitals during the primary, get our Hx and then administer drugs?
3b. To simplify this I suppose I am wondering if there is a place online I can see how you all lay out your primary and secondary surveys?

I have no issue doing everything by the book the way they want to see it done - I simply want to ensure I do everything step by step for them the way they want to see it done and I don't create some sort of hybrid monstrosity primary/secondary.