1. sack jears

    Years down the road, how do you continue to love this profession?

    Newly certified emt starting medic school in the fall. I hear a lot of talk about burn out and basically becoming miserable. Am I doomed to this fate? What keeps you going in a job full of moments of complete boredom punctuated by sheer horror? What are your thoughts?
  2. weezeehamilton

    Passed NREMT-P Psychomotor exam

    So I passed my psychomotor exam a few days ago. Will the results show up in the same location as where the results of the written test are located???
  3. J

    Boston Metro Area Paramedic Jobs...Best Place to Work

    Hello All - I'm a Paramedic with over 10 years of experience, I worked in a metro city EMS system as an FTO for 10 years. I just moved to the Boston area, looking for a Paramedic job for part-time or 24 hours shifts, that's why I decided not to go to Boston EMS. What are the best services in...
  4. F

    GI Bill / AEMT or Paramedic / Where to Learn

    I'm currently an EMT-B veteran with a GI Bill. The Basic is getting us (the family) by but I wan't to pick up my medic so I can (1) be a medic and (2) be able to actually provide for my family. I'm curious as to whether I should pick up my Advanced first to ease into the job or go straight to...
  5. ashleyv93

    Paramedic Program Interview

    Hello everyone! The other day I passed the written exam to get into my local paramedic program, and I now have an interview with the Medical Director and members of the paramedic faculty on Saturday. After passing the test I was given a "tips sheet" for the interview. One of the last tips is to...
  6. A

    Narcan Use Survey

    Please respond to my survey about Narcan use as a diagnostic tool. Thank you!
  7. K

    How much schooling?

    Hi, my name is Kassidy I am from Atlanta and I am very interested in becoming an EMT. I have already found a school, Atlanta Tech. However I'm still confused on the schooling. Okay, so my goal is that I want to become an EMT-I. I really would like to know the steps, how far does the program go...
  8. beaucait

    Community Paramedic Programs

    I am interested in learning more about the Community Paramedic programs out there. I was recently asked to help out with PR type of stuff, and also helping out with the Community Paramedic program. What are some things that a Community Paramedic program does? Does your CP program have anything...

    EMSA Oklahoma City

    I have a few questions for current EMSA employees. I posted a thread in the training forum and didn't receive any reply's but have since talked with a recruiter and had some of my questions answered. I am considering working as a basic for EMSA while in paramedic school and was wondering how...
  10. S

    NC EMS jobs for out of state medics

    Hello, I'm a paramedic in Virginia looking to relocate to North Carolina. I've searched these forums and found some great information, but I have a few questions left unanswered that hopefully some NC EMS folks can help me out with. I've noticed most agencies list "NC State certification"...
  11. cointosser13

    Stat Medevac

    I'm looking into maybe getting employed with Stat Medevac as a Paramedic in 3 years or so. When I looked at the requirements, it said you need the required certs, which I have all of them, and three years of critical care and/or emergency department. I have 1 year of emergency department...
  12. weezeehamilton

    NREMT-P psychomotor

    Any suggestions on how to study for this? Or is it just memorizing and practicing the skills over and over??
  13. weezeehamilton

    EMT-P Data Dumping

    Hello all, Ill be taking my NREMT-P test for the SECOND time on Monday. For those who have done a data dump right before starting the test (wrote down formulas, equations, charts etc). What would you suggest that i write down so I dont have to worry about it later?
  14. L

    Careers at LifeLine Ambulance- EMT and Paramedic- $2,500 Sign on Bonus

    Seeking EMTs and Paramedics to work full time shifts. We offer medical , dental, vision and life insurance benefits as well as a call bonus. LifeLine Ambulance is currently offering a $2,500 sign - on bonus to full time applicants that accept a job offer before May 30, 2016. Need more info...
  15. A

    Please help! New to EMS with questions regarding tactical medicine

    Hello, my name is Austin, 21, and I am a new EMS student from Virginia. I wanted to know if anybody had any advice or knowledge in the field of tactical medicine or the like? I had originally attended college in hopes of earning my degree in biology and joining the military afterwards...
  16. afrench18

    Washington State ED Paramedics?

    I'm curious if any WA paramedics know why hospitals in WA (or at least in King County) do not hire Paramedics to work in EDs. Is this a Washington DOH thing or Hospital thing? It's been a total buzz kill working as a CNA while my Paramedic skills slowly fade out... I would love to be more...
  17. emjohnson0516

    AMR San Diego questions!

    Hey ya'll! I have been living in SD for a little over a year (originally from FL) and finally did the paperwork to get my paramedic license here. I applied for a part time medic position at AMR but its starting to cost me a pretty penny and I don't even have an interview. I received an email...
  18. J

    American to Australia?????

    So, I am currently a student in Colorado, and I (like everyone else in america) am wanting to become a paramedic. I have just graduated from Fire Academy I, and was about to enroll into EMT-B, but was not sure if I should wait and just do it in AU? I have tried to research everything I can and...
  19. A

    Paramedics working abroad

    Does anybody know what international systems will accept NREMT-P? I know Saudi has medics but after spending some time in Europe I would love to work there. Any info is appreciated.
  20. Matt Calhoun

    What is the "EMS Killer App"?

    As an EMS professional, what is the killer app you'd like to see running on your smartphone that would make your job much easier to do?