1. J

    EMS jobs in Nashville, Tn or surrounding areas

    Hi everyone, I was a EMT for about two years and paramedic for about one year in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a private company. We did 911 contract based along with critical care transfers and basic transfer homes and hospital to hospital. I then left to work in South carolina now...
  2. J

    NY Medic looking for CA job

    Hey all I'm a medic raised and trained in the greater NYC area. I've worked in the Hudson Valley and Long Island, trained along FDNY on my field rotations. I recently moved to Pasadena and accidentally got myself hired by an international remote care company at the same time about a year ago...
  3. S

    Paramedic Student Having Trouble Getting Clinical Rotation

    Hello paramedics, EMTs, Fire, and everyone else!! This is my first forum posting, so please, bear with me. Okay. To begin, I'm a paramedic student in Washington State. However, I got my education in McCook Nebraska, an accelerated program. Yes....I've been on this site and others like it and I...
  4. M

    Most Progressive Protocols 2017

    Hey all. I am going to be doing a final essay in paramedic school and I just wanted to post on this forum to see what everyone thought. I am interested in progressive protocols and perhaps sometime in my career, be involved or start a movement for a nationwide set of protocols and more training...
  5. LoganBrogan

    Time Management: Studying for Medic school with a Fulltime EMT job

    Hey everybody, I’m currently an EMT working a full-time job for AMR: Palm Springs, in CA. I have my EMT and A&P entrance exams for Crafton hills college next week and I’ve been putting in lots of hours studying to make sure I pass that and actually get into the school, first. I’ve been putting...
  6. W

    Paramedic Programs

    Are there any paramedic programs that don't require EMT or paramedic prep for acceptance?
  7. W

    Classic Newbie Question - any info is appreciated

    Hello all, I am currently serving overseas and as soon as I get back I plan on pursuing a paramedic program. I am curious if someone could provide me some insight as to how its done. I have no certs (EMT-B/I/A). Are there programs that start from the ground up? And if so are there any that...
  8. LoganBrogan

    Do Paramedics need an Ambulance Certification to drive in CA?

    Hello guys, I'm about to start Medic school here pretty soon and I was looking at when my Ambulance certification needs to renewed (and of course its towards the end of medic school when I'm about to re-class) and I was just curious if Paramedics in CA need to have the Ambulance cert as well as...
  9. M

    California Paramedics

    I'm a medic in New Mexico and just received my license in California. I am trying to move out there early 2018. I do not have a specific place picked out. I was just hoping to get some info about the jobs/emt environment out there. I was hoping to get an Emergency Department job but open for...
  10. K

    NMETC Online

    Hello, I'm looking to start a paramedic program and I'm seriously considering NMETC. I live in Arizona and would be applying for their online program. Has anyone had any experience attending their online program from the West coast? Are there set times you need to be online? How did it work...
  11. K

    Help with elective placement in Scandinavia

    Hello, I'm a student paramedic currently studying paramedic science at the University of East Anglia (in England). I was hoping that someone might be able to offer some information about the possibility of an ambulance placement in Scandinavia, Norway in particular? In my 3rd year, before...
  12. fredell31

    How did you study in Medic School?

    Hey everyone. I start paramedic school in the next couple of weeks and I wanted to see what worked for others when it came to studying. I am more of a visual learner and am in my late 30's. What worked for you? -Making study guides? -Listening and typing out your notes right after class...
  13. F

    Now what?....

    In August of 2015 I began the Paramedic Program at my local community make a long story short I did well in class and didn't seem to have many troubles I was scoring right along with all of the other students in my class...the end finally came and it was time to take the NREMT exam...
  14. CleOhEMS

    Paramedics and EMT's / City of Cleveland, OH - Division of EMS

    Be nice. Just throwing this out there. This is a great opportunity to gain big city experience quickly. The division is expanding from 18 units responding to 116,000+ calls annually to 25 units by the end of 2017. The City voted on and approved a tax increase which went into effect this year...
  15. floridamed224

    Positive Medical Transport- Central and South FL

    $1000 SIGN-ON BONUS! Paramedics will receive a $1,000 bonus after 6 months of employment. PMT is now hiring Paramedics for our Sebring, Lakeland, & Clewiston stations. 12-hour shifts, health insurance, dental & vision. Pay is $15/hr before credentialing, $16/hr after. Critical Care Paramedics-...
  16. C

    Paramedic to Paramedic handoff?

    Posting this to see what you guys think of this... I work for a Fire Department in my hometown for the past 13 years. Even this one was a first for me. There is a private service that runs the county to the north of us, as well as another private service that helps out in our county. Transports...
  17. D

    Sacramento State Paramedic Program

    Hi i'm new to the forum and was wondering if anyone knows or has taken Sac states paramedic program? I'm planning on applying soon. I'm awaiting to take the TEAS exam which scheduled for July 7th (close to the app deadline which is July 17th). I'm planning on studying by butt off for it for a...
  18. Agg04

    Paramedic Contracts Overseas

    Hey guys, Im new to the EMS life and waiting to hear a reply about my application to a local medic program that begins in august. Im pretty excited for it. But I have a couple of questions. I was in the Navy as military police for 5 years and then got out. Being in the Navy I never got the...
  19. A


    I've been invited to Seniorcare's interview day for a medic position. I'm curious how much I can expect to make at seniorcare as a paramedic? Also if anyonehas better suggestions as far as places to apply.
  20. L

    Bridge Program for Paramedic to Nurse

    I was curious if anyone here has completed the bridge program and can give some insight into it. I have found some information on it, but it is very limited.