1. Kavsuvb

    Question on EMS college degree vs Paramedic certification

    I have a question for ya, I am wondering or college degree in EMS better than getting a paramedic certification. What are the pros and cons to a EMS college Degree vs a paramedic certification. What is the pay difference between a college degree paramedic and a paramedic with a certification. I...
  2. C


    Hello everyone. I first obtained my NREMT-P and my State of Florida Paramedic back in 2003. I kept the National up until I had to go "INACTIVE" in 2014 and I was given wrong information on how to go back to "ACTIVE" and it lapsed in 2016. Now I am trying to get a Flight Paramedic Job and I need...
  3. J

    Experience with Bone Marrow Transplant patients.....

    I'm a nationally certified EMT and I have an opportunity to work with a bone marrow transplant patient. I wanted to know if anyone here has had any experience with those types of patients? I would love to hear your input, just to get some perspective of what I may be taking on.
  4. thecyclist

    Paramedic in Oregon

    I finish paramedic school in May. I plan to move to Oregon when I get done because I'm single and think its beautiful there. I've been in EMS for 3 years now. I was wondering if anyone has heard of Pacific West Ambulance. It's in lincoln county by the coast. Also who does the 911 transport for...
  5. X

    Cath Lab to Fire/EMT-P

    So I’m just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as I am in. I work in the Cardiac Cath Lab as a RadTech, have been here for 5 years. Looking to get into Pre-Hospital EMS, I have always been drawn to Fire / Paramedic my whole life. I didn’t pull the trigger and opted for radiology school...
  6. keeaston

    Fire Academy Opinions

    I know there are a lot of fire/paramedics out there, but I wanted an opinion on fire academies. I'm planning on going through one after medic class, but I'm worried about my size being a disadvantage. I'm petite, 120lbs, 5'5". I ran cross country and track in high school, but I have heard...
  7. Emtbfornow

    Paramedic interview

    any advice for the interview into the program?
  8. S

    AMR Ventura/Riverside/San Bernadino

    Good afternoon. I am looking at employment in the different AMR divisions listed in the title however AMR never seems to post their pay rates with their job listings. I'm wondering if anyone could shed some light on paramedic starting pay for those areas as well as any other good things to know...
  9. J


    I hope that 2018 is going well for you all! We are very excited to celebrate the official commercial launch of UNITY EMS next week at EMS Today (booth # 429)! To celebrate this, we are offering a very limited promotional offer of 1 FREE HIGH-PERFORMANCE BASE LAYER ($34.95 value) WITH THE...
  10. Felix Sanchez

    Hematologic Emergencies/ Pre Hospital Style

    So I'm in medic school debating about Hematologic Emergencies and was curious to see if any of you had such emergencies where a patient's liver or anything hematological (like sickle cell) might have caused issues while in transport or on scene and it wasn't apart of your original diagnosis...
  11. J

    Dumb question

    Does the paramedic wear the radio or do the emt and paramedic both wear radios
  12. Ziiiiziiii

    Paramedic in Canada?? US Permanent Resident

    Hey, So I am interested to moving to Vancouver, Canada and becoming the highest Paramedic position there can be. I was wondering, If I should pursue it? Or should I just stay here in Hawaii and become a Paramedic here? I heard about how hard it is to find a job in Canada and I don't want to...
  13. J

    EMS jobs in Nashville, Tn or surrounding areas

    Hi everyone, I was a EMT for about two years and paramedic for about one year in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a private company. We did 911 contract based along with critical care transfers and basic transfer homes and hospital to hospital. I then left to work in South carolina now...
  14. J

    NY Medic looking for CA job

    Hey all I'm a medic raised and trained in the greater NYC area. I've worked in the Hudson Valley and Long Island, trained along FDNY on my field rotations. I recently moved to Pasadena and accidentally got myself hired by an international remote care company at the same time about a year ago...
  15. S

    Paramedic Student Having Trouble Getting Clinical Rotation

    Hello paramedics, EMTs, Fire, and everyone else!! This is my first forum posting, so please, bear with me. Okay. To begin, I'm a paramedic student in Washington State. However, I got my education in McCook Nebraska, an accelerated program. Yes....I've been on this site and others like it and I...
  16. M

    Most Progressive Protocols 2017

    Hey all. I am going to be doing a final essay in paramedic school and I just wanted to post on this forum to see what everyone thought. I am interested in progressive protocols and perhaps sometime in my career, be involved or start a movement for a nationwide set of protocols and more training...
  17. LoganBrogan

    Time Management: Studying for Medic school with a Fulltime EMT job

    Hey everybody, I’m currently an EMT working a full-time job for AMR: Palm Springs, in CA. I have my EMT and A&P entrance exams for Crafton hills college next week and I’ve been putting in lots of hours studying to make sure I pass that and actually get into the school, first. I’ve been putting...
  18. W

    Paramedic Programs

    Are there any paramedic programs that don't require EMT or paramedic prep for acceptance?
  19. W

    Classic Newbie Question - any info is appreciated

    Hello all, I am currently serving overseas and as soon as I get back I plan on pursuing a paramedic program. I am curious if someone could provide me some insight as to how its done. I have no certs (EMT-B/I/A). Are there programs that start from the ground up? And if so are there any that...
  20. LoganBrogan

    Do Paramedics need an Ambulance Certification to drive in CA?

    Hello guys, I'm about to start Medic school here pretty soon and I was looking at when my Ambulance certification needs to renewed (and of course its towards the end of medic school when I'm about to re-class) and I was just curious if Paramedics in CA need to have the Ambulance cert as well as...