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I'm currently an EMT-B veteran with a GI Bill. The Basic is getting us (the family) by but I wan't to pick up my medic so I can (1) be a medic and (2) be able to actually provide for my family. I'm curious as to whether I should pick up my Advanced first to ease into the job or go straight to Paramedic. Also, I'm having trouble finding schools that accept the GI Bill. I am aware that almost any University would most likely accept the GI Bill but I'm also looking for what I guess would be trade schools so I can expediate the process. Don't worry about where, we're willing to move almost anywhere.


Do no bother with EMTA if your going to paramedic school. I am sure most medics who comment on here will agree. I am from the old system, but I went from FR, to EMT-B, to EMT-I, to EMT-P. You can find trade schools who will accept the Gi Bill, but I would highly advise against it and don't waste those benefits. My post 9-11 just ran out because I wasted to much of the benefits when I was younger, now I am stuck half way through a masters degree flipping the bill by myself. Take it from a Community College if possible, even if you don't want to complete the AAS or BS right now, you can always go back later and easily transfer those credits and complete a degree. That is not always the case for trade schools and its certainty not as easy. I know speaking from my own experience.

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Expat is right. Don't waste time and money on your advanced credential.

Just do your homework and find a good program that will be eligible for your benefits and is also affordable otherwise (tuition, cost of living, etc). Preferably in an area where you wouldn't mind living after school and has decent opportunities for paramedics. The Carolinas have plenty of good, affordable paramedic programs and cost of living and quality of life are good, and plenty of jobs are available. Unfortunately pay at most services is on the low side.

I supported a young family when I was in paramedic school on a combination of GI Bill, part-time work, and student loans, so I know right where you are at. Good luck.


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Go for the medic, you might as well go all the way if this is what you want to pursue. You will save time and money in the long run.

I would have to check, but I am 99% certain my program accepts GI bill as a payment option and I think others out here might, but I would have to ask about those. If you don't care about location, the STL area is pretty affordable and has places that pay very well once you are a medic.