1. T

    Anybody have info on NYU EMS?

    am looking to get hired with them, can't find much information on google.
  2. C

    Minnesota EMS

    Hey MN EMS people. Curious if anyone has worked with/ knows anyone who has worked at Ridgeview Ambulance service out in Waconia. If so, what have the experiences been? Overall good/ bad? Would you recommend? Thanks.
  3. KhukuriLord

    Job for new EMT in SoCal in San Fernando Valley Area?

    Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum. Like the title says, I'm a new EMT and I was wondering what places are the best to apply to as a new EMT? I'm located near the valley so I'd like to look for a job there but I'm open to Ventura County and jobs closer to LA as well. Thanks!
  4. Paramedic4U

    Considering Relocation to Western Washington, need advice

    Good Evening all! I am NREMT-P and also have all fire fighter certifications with over 15 years field experience. I am currently working in Missouri as a firefighter paramedic. I am looking to relocate to western Washington, but have been having trouble finding positions that are open and...
  5. K

    AMR Kansas?

    Hey y’all! Last week I took the entrance exam for AMR here in Kansas. I finished top 5 so I received an interview for this Friday the 9th. First off, what should I expect? I’ve done tons of interviews, and always done well. I’ve also done interviews for the largest fire department around...
  6. E

    EMT Job for a festival this weekend in Oakland California

    Hi, I run a standby medical company and we provide EMT services to festivals and athletic events. I just had a lot of EMTs cancel for this weekend. If anyone in the San Francisco Bay area is an EMT or certified first responder and would like to work this Saturday or Sunday please let me know...
  7. C

    EMT Jobs Houston area

    Good afternoon all, I just moved from California to Texas and looking for an EMT job in the Houston area.. I haven't had very much luck, Since i don't want to work on a sketchy fraud taxi or AMR... Im hoping to get on another 911 service if possible. I have almost 2 years of experience in EMS...
  8. K

    Good EMT companies to work for in the Denver area?

    Hey all, I'll be moving out to CO in the next few months...probably somewhere in the greater Denver area, but CO Springs or anywhere else really is an option (further towards/in the mountains the better). Anyone have thoughts on what private companies are good to work for out there at the EMT-B...
  9. G

    Monterey County AMR jobs

    I just passed my National Registry and finally finished getting all the certifications to apply for AMR. I finally submitted an application with AMR on September 13. I contacted the training coordinator through an Email but, have not received a reply. Does anybody know how long they take to...
  10. CleOhEMS

    Paramedics and EMT's / City of Cleveland, OH - Division of EMS

    Be nice. Just throwing this out there. This is a great opportunity to gain big city experience quickly. The division is expanding from 18 units responding to 116,000+ calls annually to 25 units by the end of 2017. The City voted on and approved a tax increase which went into effect this year...
  11. kanichols14

    Got Licensed Almost a Year Ago...Still Unemployed

    Hi, everyone. This is my first time posting to this website. I got licensed as an EMT-B last July, and I'm still unemployed. There has been one EMT job opening, and it was posted when I was a week away from taking the NREMT, so obviously I got rejected for the position. Now, I'm getting...
  12. H

    NEMT vs EMT transportation

    Just a heads up for all EMT's or students out there looking for a NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) gig, Healthtrans in paramount is hiring now. No EMT license needed, just first aid CPR card. Still working with patients and gurney's o=in IFT setting and experience in working with a...
  13. A

    Georgia EMS Services

    Good day, I am new to this forum and want to inquire if anyone has any knowledge of EMS services in Georgia. I currently live and work in Missouri but eventually wanna move Georgia to be closer to family. I've done a little research online but wanted some input on reputable EMS services in...
  14. J

    South Carolina EMS questions????

    i have a few questions about the EMS systems in SC. I am currently living in Jacksonville Florida but I plan to move to SC in February once paramedic school is over. I haven't decided which part of Sc I want to move to yet due to not knowing about the counties. If anyone has any knowledge about...
  15. Y

    I am an EMT and I have a question for you. (California EMTs specifically or SD)

    I have to be honest with you guys, I don't know what to expect. But, what do I loose. I am 24 and I got a DUI infraction when I was a minor. CV 23136 (if you want to check it out) My license was suspended for a year, but according to law enforcement since it was an infraction the charge...
  16. M

    Looking to move to Colorado. Any good 911 places??

    I am currently a paramedic in Florida. I have my license switched to Colorado and don't really know where to look for a good place to live. I kind of want to stay on the east side of the state near the mountains, so I can have plenty to do (since this is the reason I'm moving). Anyone know of...
  17. C

    Remote Medic job/Foreign Country reciprocity information.

    Hello all my name is christian, and I'm new to the forums. a little background: I'm 21 years old, been in ems 5 years since I was 17, got 2 years paramedic experience, 3 as a basic. I'm finishing up my degree,and I've been looking around at some careers. One of the places I've been looking at...
  18. J

    Boston Metro Area Paramedic Jobs...Best Place to Work

    Hello All - I'm a Paramedic with over 10 years of experience, I worked in a metro city EMS system as an FTO for 10 years. I just moved to the Boston area, looking for a Paramedic job for part-time or 24 hours shifts, that's why I decided not to go to Boston EMS. What are the best services in...
  19. S

    NC EMS jobs for out of state medics

    Hello, I'm a paramedic in Virginia looking to relocate to North Carolina. I've searched these forums and found some great information, but I have a few questions left unanswered that hopefully some NC EMS folks can help me out with. I've noticed most agencies list "NC State certification"...
  20. Medic2643

    Pay scales and job opportunities for Paramedics for in Arizona

    Hello, I'm looking for any information about pay rates/scales for Paramedics with 17+yrs experience. I'm also researching possible job opportunities in AZ because I'm looking to relocate with my family. I also have taken a Critical Care class and am looking to test for my FP-C. Any help would be...