Considering Relocation to Western Washington, need advice


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Good Evening all! I am NREMT-P and also have all fire fighter certifications with over 15 years field experience. I am currently working in Missouri as a firefighter paramedic. I am looking to relocate to western Washington, but have been having trouble finding positions that are open and available. I keep getting responses to my application stating on hiring freeze due to Covid. Does anyone have any leads on a department that is currently and actively searching for experienced paramedics, or a good website to find open positions? Also do the local hospitals hire paramedics to work in the ER? Thank you so much for your help!!


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It depends on where in Western Washington you want to go. Any paramedic position in King County will require you to go through the Medic One paramedic program, regardless of your experience.

North or south of Seattle and King County, you can find positions for open firefighter/medic at the two big testing agencies. National Testing Network (NTN) or Public Saftey Testing (PST). You'll take a CPAT and the written test there. Most fire departments contract with one or the other. Bates Tech in Tacoma also does some testing for agencies in the South Sound... or at least they used to.

There you can find a list of the agencies with current vacancies and test dates.

East of the Cascades there is a mix of Private Ambulance, fire-based EMS, and some hospital-based services. Paramedic jobs in Washington are competitive. Even more so when you add firefighter to the title. Often hundreds of applicants for 3 or 4 open positions.

I hope that helps. Good luck.


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Western Washington is going to hire tons of folks in the next 3 years. Everything Nomad mentioned is great info. Look for lateral positions to be hot commodities as well. Pierce County would probably be your best bet. Tacoma Fire, Central Pierce Fire & Rescue are the two big departments and they are ALS. King County Fire departments will be hiring a bunch but you can only function as a EMT in King County.

We have close to 50% of our work force eligible to retire over the next 3-5 years in Western Washington.