1. C

    Minnesota EMS

    Hey MN EMS people. Curious if anyone has worked with/ knows anyone who has worked at Ridgeview Ambulance service out in Waconia. If so, what have the experiences been? Overall good/ bad? Would you recommend? Thanks.
  2. Paramedic4U

    Considering Relocation to Western Washington, need advice

    Good Evening all! I am NREMT-P and also have all fire fighter certifications with over 15 years field experience. I am currently working in Missouri as a firefighter paramedic. I am looking to relocate to western Washington, but have been having trouble finding positions that are open and...
  3. A

    EMT Openings in Big Spring, TX (Gov. Facility Full-Time Position)

    Good morning all, My name is Mike and I wanted to both introduce myself & inform everyone here that there's a Gov. Facility currently seeking 2 EMT's for two full time permanent positions at one of my company's associated facilities. I'm a representative of AMG Healthcare Services, a leader...
  4. cityboi323

    CA Probationary EMT

    Alright i have posted this twice before but in the wrong sections lol. Third time is a charm! Whats up everyone, im a new EMT in Kern county who has been granted an EMT cert on probationary terms. The terms of my probation are to only stay out of trouble for 3 years and thats it. I was...
  5. J

    I know this has been asked a million times but...

    ...but I haven't been able to google anything pertinent to my particular situation. Unlike many of the DUI posts which relate to recent conviction, mine is 10+ years ago from when I was 18. I know that this very serious mistake will stain my record for the remainder of my life, but I am hoping...
  6. J

    EMS jobs in Nashville, Tn or surrounding areas

    Hi everyone, I was a EMT for about two years and paramedic for about one year in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a private company. We did 911 contract based along with critical care transfers and basic transfer homes and hospital to hospital. I then left to work in South carolina now...
  7. G

    How to get a job as an EMT In CA?

    I had an interview with Monterey County AMR last week and just got the Email saying I did not get the job. I really want to work for them. What can I do that will make me stand out more next time I apply? I had a coworker tell me they might have frown upon me being a CNA at a SNF because I Have...
  8. jess lahti

    Good Job to Have BEFORE Becoming an EMT?

    Ideas? I'm very lost. Thanks! :)
  9. I

    McCormick ambulance

    Hey guys! I just passed my mapping and written EMT test for McCormick and was asked to come back in about 2 weeks for orrientation. Does anyone have any tips on what to expect? And does that mean I'm in the process of being hired already? Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. A

    $3000 Bonuses for FT Paramedics- Panama City, FL

    Sign on with Century as a Full Time Paramedic in Panama City, FL through June 30 and qualify for up to $3k in bonuses! Century Ambulance Service is the premier medical transport provider in North Florida expanding into the Bay County area, delivering unparalleled patient care and customer...
  11. S

    How can I get my first job as an EMT? Any advice is appreciated

    So I have quite a few things working against me and for me. Let me explain: I'm a certified EMT-B, received my cert. through the most respected school in my area (company I did ride slings with said they almost exclusively hire from there) but I have no experience. Unless you count a swim...
  12. L

    New EMT...ER tech job vs Ambulance jobs in MA ???

    Anyone have any experience working as an ER tech? I just recently became a certified EMT-B in MA and was hoping to work as an ER tech, but I don't have any EMT experience yet. Anyone know the likelihood of me getting hired with recent certification but no experience? I know some hospitals train...
  13. C

    EMT Work Opportunities During the Summer

    Hi! I am getting my EMT-Basic certification this semester at college, I was hoping to gain a part time job working in the Georgia, South Carolina area with this certification since I will also be taking college classes during May and June. I would have approximately four months that I would be...
  14. Loshi

    Applied for Jobs, how long does its usually take for companies to reply?

    Hi, I'm a baby EMT, I previously worked as a scribe in the ED for about 6 months, volunteered in the ED for 5+ years, and have worked as an assistant manager for 5+ years. It's been 16 days since I've applied for jobs and I haven't heard anything back yet. I'm starting to worry that I have been...
  15. E

    EMS Private service Driving record.

    Hello fellow EMTS has anyone ever been turned down from a position due to your driving record? I have one speeding ticket 15 to 19 over the limit and it will go off next year around this time. I was just wondering after evoc and having all my training and after seven years on the rescue squad...
  16. F

    Non-ambulatory EMS jobs.

    Hi folks - I'll keep it short & sweet. I'm really passionate about working as an EMT. Problem is, I don't want anything to do with driving an ambulance. I don't trust my sense of direction while under stress in an area I might be unfamiliar with especially when someone's life could be on...
  17. emjohnson0516

    AMR San Diego questions!

    Hey ya'll! I have been living in SD for a little over a year (originally from FL) and finally did the paperwork to get my paramedic license here. I applied for a part time medic position at AMR but its starting to cost me a pretty penny and I don't even have an interview. I received an email...
  18. Erich Lotte

    EMT - Safety Technician $18

    Have you enjoyed working as an EMT...but wish your role involved more skills, better wages, and a viable opportunity for career growth? We're On-Site Health & Safety...an established, twenty-year, multi-state Health & Safety Company, looking for qualified candidates to join our growing team...
  19. ChrisC5928

    Question about EMT-B Driving record

    Hello, Here is my question hopefully you guys could answer it for me I have looked every where and haven't found a answer. I am from Massachusetts I just got nationally certified and licensed as a EMT and will be applying for jobs in the field very soon. My worry and question is about my driving...