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Alright i have posted this twice before but in the wrong sections lol. Third time is a charm!

Whats up everyone, im a new EMT in Kern county who has been granted an EMT cert on probationary terms. The terms of my probation are to only stay out of trouble for 3 years and thats it. I was arrested and convicted of a misdemeanor back when i was 18 and thats what caused my probationary conditions. I wont say what it was but it involved no theft, violence, drugs, alcohol, or driving. Anyways the point of this post is more about employment. Most people i have spoken to had no idea EMT's could even be placed on probationary conditions so they are little help. My question is are there any probation friendly companies either in kern or LA county? Ambulance, hospitals, etc? Im currently doing some part time "set medic" work down in LA. While the pay is nice lets just say it a little shady and there is zero patient contact. Its just hurry up and wait. I want something with a lot more purpose and excitement. Any help would be appreciated and if anyone could comment more specifically on Hall Ambulance and whether they hire probationary employees, that be amazing. Thanks again.


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Probationary status is a state thing. Anyone can look up your license, it's status, and what you were placed on probation for, if they know your first and last name.

Any employer will do a background check. Whether or not they hire you will have more to do with what you were arrested for, rather than your license status.

Hall may hire you. But I'd bet Delano Ambulance would. You can also try Liberty. North of you in Tulare County are several small companies; Exeter Ambulance, LifeStar, American Ambulance of Visalia, Imperial... You could try all of those places.

Ultimately no one can tell you who will or won't hire you except the HR department of each company. Apply to find out.