Applied for Jobs, how long does its usually take for companies to reply?


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Hi, I'm a baby EMT,
I previously worked as a scribe in the ED for about 6 months, volunteered in the ED for 5+ years, and have worked as an assistant manager for 5+ years. It's been 16 days since I've applied for jobs and I haven't heard anything back yet. I'm starting to worry that I have been rejected. How long does it usually take to get hired? I applied for Norcal, and ProTransport ...and OnSite as a back up plan.


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between weeks to months. companies hire when they need people, not when you apply. they usually review applications in bunches, decide who they want to interview, and give you a few days notice when they want you to come in for an interview.

don't wait around, apply to more companies, the higher the number of companies you apply for, the higher the likelyhood you will get called for an interview.


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It takes forever!!! As stated above hiring managers aren't just sitting around waiting on your resume. It is not cost effective to hire 1 new employee so they hire in batches. Generally employers will have new employee orientation once a month. SO if you fall just before or just after their current session it could be a couple of months before they pull resumes from the pile.

However.... Make sure your resume stands out. Use correct formatting; not the first thing that pops up on Google!! Submit a cover letter that is sincere. Mention something about the company that interests you. Make sure you have the correct company listed in the cover letter!! <----- I have seen this mistake thousands of times!! People get impatient and start filling out apps for several companies and forget to change the specifics before hitting submit!! Also, make sure your email is professional. Resumes with that crazy email address you thought of at age 12 will get your resume recycled quickly.


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However.... Make sure your resume stands out. Use correct formatting; not the first thing that pops up on Google!!
You mean Google isent always right :eek:!?!? I'm kidding of course lol

For me to get hired by the state it was about a 4 month process once they accepted my resume to "phase 2" and was 2.5 months without hearing anything. What DR.P said is so true, they hire you when they need you not when you apply.

I also personally think that letters of reccomendation work wonders, because I'm a firm believer in nepotism.