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How can I get my first job as an EMT? Any advice is appreciated

Discussion in 'EMS Employment' started by sdlaemt, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. sdlaemt

    sdlaemt Forum Ride Along

    So I have quite a few things working against me and for me. Let me explain:

    I'm a certified EMT-B, received my cert. through the most respected school in my area (company I did ride slings with said they almost exclusively hire from there) but I have no experience. Unless you count a swim instructor job (occasionally have to lifeguard) as experience. I'm also currently applying for a lifeguard gig I'm likely to get if that helps at all.

    Recently I moved to LA and was very much underprepared for how crazy people drove here. It really is a different world. I got into 3 car accidents, only one of which was my fault. I also received a moving violation and a couple parking tickets. So unfortunately my driving record is pretty bad.

    I don't know if this helps at all but I also have ACLS,PALS,PHTLS certs as well as a Phlebotomy cert but I have not completed my externship so I can't practice. I'm working on completing that extern but the situation is very complicated.

    I guess my question is what steps can I take to EMT employment? I was thinking if I took some kind of advanced driving course it would help with my record? Are there companies that will hire me but not allow me to drive? Is it a good or bad idea to send a brief email before applying asking if I can apply with a less than idea H6? I've applied to a few hospitals but it's LA and hospitals are very selective and usually require at least 2yrs prehospital exp. What else can I do? I'm determined to make it in this field. Thanks for any advice
  2. Jim37F

    Jim37F Forum Deputy Chief

    Did you ask that company about any experience requirements?

    Land of the "Young have a pulse and a patch? You're hired" Someone's gotta make the bosses money while making near minimum wage doing the Renal Rodeo....
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    CALEMT The Other Guy

    Move out of LA for starters.
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  4. DrParasite

    DrParasite The fire extinguisher is not just for show

    damn, beat me to it.

    but poor driving record + more EMTs than available jobs = your going to have a really tough time getting a job.

    my advice? go to paramedic school, finish your phlebotomy externship, and move out of LA.
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  5. DesertMedic66

    DesertMedic66 Forum Troll

    All those extra certifications are not going to help you get hired in the prehospital setting. They are above your scope of practice.

    My advise mirrors what my cohort @CALEMT already said, try to get out of LA (or at least apply at companies outside of LA.

    Your driving record will hurt you but at this point it is does not disqualify you (a decent amount of companies will allow < 3 points on your record).
  6. MMohler

    MMohler Forum Crew Member

    Regarding the record thing I still had an accident and a ticket on my record (Accident comes off at the end of this month). 16 and dumb with a license. Given that I have not had anything since it was not TOO big of a problem. It was still brought up, but it did not disqualify me by any means. If these are recent occasions then I am guessing it might be an issue.
  7. Qulevrius

    Qulevrius Nationally Certified Wannabe

    Got a phleb cert ? Apply for ERs.
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  8. Grozler

    Grozler Forum Crew Member


    Seriously at some places (places where you will quickly find out that you should not be working there) that is all it takes.
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  9. FK911

    FK911 Forum Probie

    There are some companies that will hire u as an attendant only gig. That's because they have EMTs that do not want to do patient care.
    Don't say anything up front.
    Just go to the interview.
    Your documentation skills better be spot on
    Know how to write a PCR that will get paid.
    Go to the small companies
    Try to get a dispatch gig

    Don't go to medic school.
    U will have the same issue with your driving record.
    Do not waisted the time and money.

    U need to ask yourself where u want to be in a few years in EMS.
    A bad driving record and EMS do not mix.
    It's a career killer
    If u have MONEY!!!
    hire a lawyer
    Get a DMV hearing
    Pleas your case.

    LA driving is fairly normal
    U might need to change your habits

    But yea there are companies that will hire u attended only, but u gotta have spectacular PCRs

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