1. RiverLily

    Studying EMT/Paramedics

    I am a foreign student (17 y old) currently living and studying in China. When I graduate next year (June) I would like (if possible) to go abroad to either Taiwan or Australia and study either paramedics or EMT. As of now, I am just a year too young to get my drivers license, but I have two...
  2. C

    Jobs in Florida?

    I’ve been an EMT in Kentucky for two years, I’m enrolled in a paramedic program currently. When I finish I plan on moving to Daytona to finish college. The service I work at now has a fixed schedule and we work 48 hour shifts. Is there any service within 100 miles of Daytona that does this? Also...
  3. O

    Training Coordinator

    Hello Everyone, The company I work for is a small IFT company that recently started to do some backup 911 calls for the local 911 system, so my question is, besides the common things like VS and report taking how can I better prepare the EMTs to run 911, We have a drivers training program and...
  4. A

    Paramedic student looking for a Paramedic from the Neatherland for help with a homework.

    Ok, so , im a Paramedic Student in Canada and i have a big school assignment (worth 30%) in one of my class. I have to present another country Paramedic services and i chose the Neatherlands (cause you guys rock!!!). I have some specific question i cant find the awnser online, such as what type...
  5. J

    Looking for some advice in getting experience

    Here is some background on me: I just turned 19 and got my EMT in Alaska my senior year of high school. I just recently moved down to Everett Washington to attend Everett Community to take the fire science classes to eventually become a firefighter. When I took my Emt class I got my Alaska cert...
  6. W

    Our station was broken into.

    Hey guys! So I have a bit of a situation that I need some thoughts and opinions about. Today when I came into work I found out that one of my services stations was broken into last night. A crew member heard some noises coming from the supply room at around 3AM and went to investigate. Turns...
  7. M

    Could I loose ability to practice?

    Ok. While going through the fire academy for AEMT I was accused of cheating on my final (I didn't) so I had a hearing and they said they think I did and i was expelled from the course and there for could not get my license or test for registry. They then said I would have to find somewhere else...
  8. C


    Hello everyone. I first obtained my NREMT-P and my State of Florida Paramedic back in 2003. I kept the National up until I had to go "INACTIVE" in 2014 and I was given wrong information on how to go back to "ACTIVE" and it lapsed in 2016. Now I am trying to get a Flight Paramedic Job and I need...
  9. Crayons

    Help NREMt stopped me at 120 questions and i missed the last question..

    this is my second attempt and im very nervous! the first time it stopped me at 78 and i failed. i felt like crap that day but the next day i was back at it with those books. i studied every day for 3 weeks and i felt very confident but sure enough that test kicked my butt. now i wait with just...
  10. P

    Applying for QA/QI, need ideas

    Hey guys! My name is Joe, a fellow trauma junkie. I have recently been given to opportunity to apply for a QA/QI position at my current place of employment. We run 700-1000 calls a month and its a single man position. The reason the position is open is because the last guy kinda "failed" the...
  11. J

    Post Incident Response, an Organizational Approach

    Hello all, My name is John and I am looking for advice, input or general suggestions concerning a project myself and a colleague are currently trying to get off of the ground at our service. I apologize in advance if this initial post is a little wordy, but I want to provide as much background...
  12. Foxem

    Anything you wish you knew before starting Field Training?

    I'll be getting my FTO assigned to me here shortly and I wanted to know if there was any advice you guys could give me that might not be to obvious; or anything you would have done differently. As of right now, I'm just going into it with an open mind and a few hours of studying my response...
  13. W

    Preparing for NR

    Hey guys! Tonight is the last day of my EMT basic course. We will get our course completion certificate and ATT for national registry. However, there is only one problem. I’m only 17. And I cannot test until I am 18. I turn 18 August 4, so I have to keep my feet wet with knowledge from today...
  14. S

    EMS hall portfolios

    my service is trying to find additional portfolios/hall jobs for their current staff. I was curious if anyone has any additional ideas that I could recommend to my management. so far we have: oh&s, hall/vehicle maintenance, high acuity call auditing, pcr auditing, uniforms, website...
  15. M

    Passed EMT in May havent taken NREMT. I Need help to Study and Pass.

    I passed my course in May, and didn't take after because of money issues. I need to pass this test. Its a matter of my own confidence in the information and the information itself. I would greatly appreciate any tips to help me pass!!!
  16. jess lahti

    Good Job to Have BEFORE Becoming an EMT?

    Ideas? I'm very lost. Thanks! :)
  17. RachZem

    Building a resume as a new EMT-B

    I just graduated my EMT-B program and want to hop right on the job, either on a truck or in an ER. Doesn't matter, just want to start working and get some good experience so I can get to where I want to be. Writing a resume has never really been a problem for me but I'm not sure what to do for...
  18. kanichols14

    Got Licensed Almost a Year Ago...Still Unemployed

    Hi, everyone. This is my first time posting to this website. I got licensed as an EMT-B last July, and I'm still unemployed. There has been one EMT job opening, and it was posted when I was a week away from taking the NREMT, so obviously I got rejected for the position. Now, I'm getting...
  19. Hayden

    McCormick testing

    Hey all, A super last minute post, but I am testing for McCormick tomorrow and I was interested in hearing any tips. I've read a few other threads but they were out of date. Also I had a two questions for anyone who works there. 1. Suit and tie for the test? I'm assuming yes but you never...
  20. J


    Im dying to look for an AEMT NREMT review app. Is there any good apps out there that I can use out there? Any help is great! Thanks, Jester