EMS hall portfolios


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my service is trying to find additional portfolios/hall jobs for their current staff. I was curious if anyone has any additional ideas that I could recommend to my management.

so far we have:
oh&s, hall/vehicle maintenance, high acuity call auditing, pcr auditing, uniforms, website, fitness/well being, maps, Public relations, greensleeve/vial of life, infection control, education, ambulance stock/drug ordering and equiptment ordering/maintnence.

if anyone has any other ideas I would love to hear about them, thanks!


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ok, I'm a little lost: what are you talking about?

No idea what oh/s is.......

It looks like you are looking for additional things staffers can be responsible for besides being on the ambulance. Which I completely support.

Questions: Are you looking for additional responsibilities for supervisory staff? or line staff? Are the staff full time, part time/per diem, or volunteer?

Are they going to be handling these responsibilities during their downtime, or will they be taken off the truck to handle these responsibilities?

I can understand that you are going to give these people these additional responsibilities; How much of a budget are you going to let them work with? How much authority are you going to give them to actually do the job, vs coming up with a plan and always running to a manger for approval to implement it?