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Hey guys!

Tonight is the last day of my EMT basic course. We will get our course completion certificate and ATT for national registry. However, there is only one problem. I’m only 17. And I cannot test until I am 18. I turn 18 August 4, so I have to keep my feet wet with knowledge from today (April 26) to August 4. Anybody have any tips to help me remember everything? I have my text book (emergency care and transport of the sick and injured 11th edition). Any tips other than to re read the book periodically?

Thanks in advance


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I like the fact that you were determined enough to start the course knowing you couldn't test for a while. It's going to be hard ill be honest you will most likely have to be more on top of studying over the next 3.5 months than you were in class. Check out they have a 3 month plan that will allow you to use their text bank and study tools. JB learning and fisdap are also great testing resources. Obviously reading your book and spot checking items you got wrong on practice exams is beneficial. Good luck.

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I second medic Money back guarantee if you fail. Worked for me on the AEMT test back in March and we’d been out of class since November ‘17.


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I can't vouch for or JB, but the one I used is "Fisdap" and it was fantastic. It gives you 3 practice National Registry tests (The full 200 questions), and when you finish it, it gives you a list of what you need to work on. Then you can go re-read it in the textbook, or use the quizzes that come with the program and study up, take it again, rinse and repeat. I used it and I passed registry first try in 70 questions. It was well worth the money. There was a question on my NR test that was on the practice test as well.

Congrats on making it through the course! I hope everything goes well for you!