1. D

    911 EMT-B Jobs in Central North Carolina

    Hi All, I'm a recently certified EMT-B who's been on a volly squad for a year or two. I've recently been looking at applying to some 911 EMS orgs in central NC like: Firsthealth of the Carolinas EMS Person County EMS Johnston County EMS Vance County EMS Harnett County EMS Anyone know how...
  2. B

    First Steps to becoming an EMT? Where do I start?

    I want to become an EMT to start off and become a Paramedic but I need to know what's the best route to becoming an EMT. Thank you in advance!
  3. O

    Training Coordinator

    Hello Everyone, The company I work for is a small IFT company that recently started to do some backup 911 calls for the local 911 system, so my question is, besides the common things like VS and report taking how can I better prepare the EMTs to run 911, We have a drivers training program and...
  4. S

    Potential media ride-along / special

    Hi, In addition to being an EMT I am a producer for Fox. In September, our streaming platform "Fox Nation" will be airing a series of projects focused on First Responders. We're looking for 2 things: 1) A relatively busy agency that will allow us to "ride along" for some shifts and produce a...
  5. I

    From zero to hero

    Hello there! Hello, I'm 24 years old, 7 years after graduating secondary school with a passed A-level exam. I would like to study EMT to then become a paramedic and being one of u. I'm looking for some information(A LOT ) on a lot of services "how to get to this kind of studies on the University...
  6. A

    Orange County, CA Ambulance Companies: part-time for Care? Doctor's? Lynch? Help!!!

    Hi all, idk where to work bc I'm hearing so much **** back and forth about all of the companies. YES, sadly I'm stuck in OC (despite living in LA county), but OC also covered my ambulance license charges so there was that. If ANYONE can recommend any other companies out there or give some...
  7. J

    Looking for some advice in getting experience

    Here is some background on me: I just turned 19 and got my EMT in Alaska my senior year of high school. I just recently moved down to Everett Washington to attend Everett Community to take the fire science classes to eventually become a firefighter. When I took my Emt class I got my Alaska cert...
  8. H

    17 Questions With: A Covid-19 EMT

    I interviewed an active EMT to learn more about their experience during the height of the pandemic and to help spread their perspective with others. Thought EMTLife would enjoy https://www.harrybrodsky.com/post/17-questions-with-a-covid-19-emt
  9. A

    Stay offline

    Not sure which thread this should go in, but looking for guidance. Had a discussion with “friends” on Facebook. A stranger decided to intervene and provoke, mind you this didn’t bother me and my emotions never got ahead of my words. but as this discussion went on. It some how turned into...
  10. C


    Does anyone know about EMT reciprocity in Washington? I currently maintain both EMT and Paramedic certs elsewhere. What about challenging the Washington state EMT certification test?
  11. J

    The cup holder

    So I work a service that is primarily 911 with some transfers, what is your go to cup holder. The usual suspects always work but what if you have something that the suction canister will just bounce around. I have three but two pictures Suction canister (obvious one) Spray bottle holder (with...
  12. B

    Kapiolani Community College EMT Program

    Aloha from Honolulu Hawaii! I have an interview with KCC’s EMT program :) I am just inquiring what kind of questions the panel asks interviewees? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!
  13. E

    Should I bite the bullet and tell my county I have juvenile misdemeanor?

    Long story short, I already sent in my livescan yesterday and upon completing the SD county cert procedure it's asking if I have had any felonies or misdemeanors in the past. I have a misdemeanor from when I was 14 that lead to me getting kicked out of middle school. (Brought a knife on campus...
  14. DragonClaw

    LFW: DFW or Houston area 911 EMTB?

    Hopefully in a few months I'll have my certification in hand. I'm looking to live in the outliers Houston or DFW, willing to do some commuting. I've looked at EMTB jobs, but how do I know which ones do 911 calls? Are they all through the city directly or are they contracted out to other...
  15. B

    EMS Research Study

    Hello! My name is Becca Horton, and I'm currently a senior at Roanoke College in Virginia as well as an EMT. As part of my senior thesis, I am conducting a study concerning EMS experiences and personality attributes. This study has the potential to have far-reaching impacts on the EMS...
  16. S

    Choosing between two companies

    AMR Lancaster or Delano Ambulance Service for the BEST EMT EXPERIENCE? I am not focused on pay nor hours. But, I do want to work as many hours as I can, min. 48 hrs a week. I am focused on getting the most valuable experience I can right now that I can utilize in a future career as a Flight...
  17. charlietango

    How Do You Know?

    Hey there. I'm new to the forums so I guess welcome to me? I'm an anxious person - in my own mind and decisions that is. Since I graduated high school in 2015 I've always been obsessed with the idea of a career in the emergency service field. I've sat on the idea for a few years to see if I...
  18. K

    Is NREMT really THAT bad?

    Here's my situation. I actually used to be an EMT. I worked for about 5 years but got burnt out and left the field in 2009. So my certification expired. But back then I did well in class, passed the practicals, the state written test, and the NREMT all on the first try. But those tests were on...
  19. J

    Experience with Bone Marrow Transplant patients.....

    I'm a nationally certified EMT and I have an opportunity to work with a bone marrow transplant patient. I wanted to know if anyone here has had any experience with those types of patients? I would love to hear your input, just to get some perspective of what I may be taking on.
  20. M

    EMT Program at Ben Clark Training Center

    Anyone take the EMT course at MVC-Ben Clark Training Center? How was the final exam? Did you feel you had adequate information on what you will be tested on?