911 EMT-B Jobs in Central North Carolina


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Hi All,
I'm a recently certified EMT-B who's been on a volly squad for a year or two. I've recently been looking at applying to some 911 EMS orgs in central NC like:

Firsthealth of the Carolinas EMS
Person County EMS
Johnston County EMS
Vance County EMS
Harnett County EMS

Anyone know how the hiring/interview process is like for any of these? Or how difficult it is to secure a 911 position?
Asking because I recently interviewed at one of them and I might've flunked the technical/scenarios portion(it was an online interview so I had to verbalize tx and such) so I'm a little anxious (I really wanna do 911).

Thanks in advance!
(I'm a college student that can work full time during the summers and maybe during the semester if that makes any difference)