1. AlexTheChamberlain

    Tucson Area EMS?

    I've been looking into moving out to the Tucson area for a little while, and was wondering how the 911 system is set up out there. Just laying it all out: What cities does AMR cover and what cities do fire departments cover? Does AMR extend into areas of the county outside of city? Is the...
  2. N

    LA County DHS Ambulance

    Hello, I'm trying to find more info on this ambulance job. I found the job posted on It says it's IFT. Does anyone work here or has worked here? Any info would be great. Thank you so much!
  3. AlexandraMay3155

    Austin TX- Acadian Ambulance?

    Howdy!! I had a few question for those who know of Acadian Ambulance in Austin, Texas. I am graduating as a paramedic on April 27th, and driving down the first week of May. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. What is the starting pay? Overtime? What are the shifts like? Employee atmopshere and...
  4. H33

    Medevac Alaska Hiring

    Poor pay, cold weather.. I slightly exaggerate, we are just over a year old so only a little, we are primarily a fixed wing ALS medevac service, We are currently looking for Two RN's to join us here in Anchorage for flight duties, we also are looking for several EMT's for ground Ambulance...
  5. M

    CA Ambulance License Info

    HI, i'm new here to EMTLIFE and have a question that someone can answer *hopefully* I recently obtained my Ambulance Certification through the DMV (Here in Cali) and after looking through some ambulance company applications, I realized they look for the license. I already have all my other...
  6. Rescue One Ambulance

    Rescue One Ambulance is HIRING

    Rescue One Ambulance is hiring full-time, part-time, and per-diem EMTs. Drivers and Attendants, New grads or Experienced. We have flexible schedules, daily OT, shifts will not be cut short due to call volume. Positons: EMT-B Driver or Attendant Dispatcher Company Info: Rescue...
  7. TheComebacKid

    Part Time EMT jobs in San Fernando Valley, CA

    Hello everyone, I am currently attending UCLAs Full Time May Paramedic Program. Before UCLA, I was working at McCormick Ambulance full time at a 24 hour station. I would have gone part time at McCormick, but they did not have Saturday/Sunday slots that I wanted. Now that I am in school, I have...
  8. A

    "Fresh out of EMT school" Tips and tricks for the new EMT

    Hello everybody!! My name is Albert Reyes and I am an EMT here in the city of San Jose, Ca for the past 16 years with seven of those being an FTO. I have a passion to help new EMTs when transitioning into their first day in EMS. Because of this passion I have recently published a book called "...
  9. EpiEMS

    Low Top Sprinter Type II

    I love this idea - a low-top Type II! Sorry for posting a trade rag, but this plug for Osage is actually pretty sensible. They're proposing using a low-top Sprinter body for a Type II ambulance, a la this one from Norway: That'll take some serious getting used to, but boy, it'll be easier to...
  10. J


    Hey everyone, How do you go about your refusals ? What kind of speech do you give your pts, let's do they hypothetic trauma and non-traumatic. This is what I usually say in the end when I type my narrative if they are A/Ox4 and competently refusing . I live in MA and certain substances have...
  11. 300Medic

    NYS Conceal Carry

    Hi all, I am sure this has been a topic that many of you have had to face. I am looking for guidance... I have several members who are conceal carry permit holders and want to carry while on duty. Personally, I am struggling with this because while I support everyone's undeniable right to bear...
  12. Loshi

    Has anyone worked at First Responder?

    Its an ambulance company in CA. I've seen it around more than a couple times but I can't find any worker reviews or know anyone that works for them.
  13. F

    Non-ambulatory EMS jobs.

    Hi folks - I'll keep it short & sweet. I'm really passionate about working as an EMT. Problem is, I don't want anything to do with driving an ambulance. I don't trust my sense of direction while under stress in an area I might be unfamiliar with especially when someone's life could be on...
  14. J

    American to Australia?????

    So, I am currently a student in Colorado, and I (like everyone else in america) am wanting to become a paramedic. I have just graduated from Fire Academy I, and was about to enroll into EMT-B, but was not sure if I should wait and just do it in AU? I have tried to research everything I can and...
  15. MMM Medic11

    Who uses IPads in their Ambulance?

    Alright, so our squad is looking in to getting IPads for each of our four ambulances. Is anyone currently using IPads or heard anything about them?
  16. Anonymous555


    Brand new petition on, what do you think?
  17. MorenaJune

    Best Ambulance Company to work for in Phoenix, AZ area?

    I'm moving to the Phoenix area soon and I'm trying to find out which companies to apply for. I'm trying to figure out which companies have the highest employee satisfaction. So far, I'm having trouble even finding ambulance companies in the area. The one's I have found are: Professional...
  18. K

    New Stretcher Technology

    Hello there! I am an aspiring engineering student. I am in the midst of a design for a new revolutionizing technology to make life for EMS operators a heck of a lot easier! I am in need of feedback from EMS operators, ASAP. What is the most difficult part of operating a stretcher? If your rig...
  19. T

    First time driving a box truck ambulance?

    Hey everyone, I work for a private company and we mostly have vans but tomorrow they have me on a bari unit and it's my first time driving a box truck ambulance (mod). Do you find it much more difficult to drive or is it about the same? Any advice for someone who hasn't driven one yet? I'm very...
  20. Rescue One Ambulance


    We're looking for people who would like to join a growing company. Rescue One is a Los Angeles County License provider. Starting pay above 10/hr...More with experience. We are very school friendly with plenty of OT available if you want or need it. Details below: Rescue One Ambulance 15335...