Medevac Alaska Hiring


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Poor pay, cold weather..

I slightly exaggerate, we are just over a year old so only a little, we are primarily a fixed wing ALS medevac service, We are currently looking for Two RN's to join us here in Anchorage for flight duties, we also are looking for several EMT's for ground Ambulance Duties. Currently in the early process of a new central Alaska base still looking at Flight Medics for that location, but hurry because I am pretty sure which ones I want to hire.

RN's we are looking for hopefully Anchorage locals, but will fly people up with the right set of circumstances.
Flight Medics, I would love to find local but we cant seem to afford any here so we already fly medics up on a month on month rotation, so we will hear from anyone qualified, but you should understand that we need people whom can be ready to go by summer and it takes several months to get an Alaska MICP license.
EMT's, if you live near Anchorage, or live in Juneau and are interested please send me message.

And that Ladies and Gentleman, is the most informal job announcement in history.; Application is in the lower left hand corner or
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