What do you carry? - The mega thread


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Our program doesn't. Central California sees some relatively warm Summer months. And even then, I get awful hot in my flight suit alone regardless of the time of year.

A program the next county up wears them, IIRC, at their discretion. The RN, and paramedic each had a different versions consisting of different items respectively. I mean, they look nifty but I carry my essentials in my flight suits pockets; the rest is in our bags.
Yup this 110%. I think they're wacker-ish. Everything I need is in my gear bags and knowing where you're equipment is will allow you to access it in a timely fashion. I have never seen anyone with a chest rig pull out something I needed in a hurry and save the day vs. just pulling it from a bag or cabinet in the back of an ambo. I am a minimalist and carry as few items as possible on my person. Gotta love the guys who carry a bougie, or some other piece of gear, yet the rest of the airway gear is still in the bag.... We talk to the ground crews from aircraft radios, and then have a portable radio which is kept in our drug bag which we can call the pilot or ground crews if needed.