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  • I have my first job interview with a private ambulance company on Wednesday March 11th. Any tips on on interviewing strategies, aptitude test and pre-employment skills testing?
    Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.
    Hey! Your uniform in that picture looks pretty darn familiar. I work there now lol :) Just started a few weeks ago.
    I see that their is a new tread "Saudai Red Crescent Authority". SRCA is making statements which I believe are incorrect and I would like to debate some of their statements. It is not my intent to restate my entire past with SRCA but to question some of the statements that SRCA is making. May I do this without damaging my membership on EMTLIFE? Thank you for you time. Jeff
    In view of earlier PM's, I'm glad someone else spotted the spoof before I made an *** of myself.
    Or at least a bigger one.

    Could you please close and delete the following thread

    it went sideways and I seem to have been insensitive to a few people and rubbed them the wrong way with my plain language. I apologize. I appreciate emtlife being a resource for professional people from all over the US

    With Best Regards,

    :--------------/ .___. \
    I want to thank you for creating this forum as i found alot of great information contained within alot of the posts.

    Please delete my user account and if you can remove all my post's as i will not be returning due to the increasing negativity towards the profession. Granted i understand the needs for higher education and am and always have been a proponent of it'. But to sit idle as other so called professionals continually put down and ridcule others just starting in the profession is not something i can do.
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