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  • Hello! I was recently reading some of your postings in the Durham EMS thread and I was curious if you could help me gain some more insight into that system as well as others in the area. I have a current application in with Wake Co. I did a ride-along with Wake in the past and have family in the area. My issue is who to apply to work for other than Wake. Thank you in advance for reading this

    I am working as an Assistant EMS Instructor in the Middle East. Need your help to figure out a feasible EMS research topic related to EMS Education / Ambulance services / Scope of practice / Pre-hospital care or EMS Internship.

    Thanks and Regards
    Hi there, I seem to not be able to send messages directly so I thought I would post to your profile. Regarding wake county, what is the area and system like? Being from Southern California I really don't know anything about North Carolina. As far as wake county goes all I know is what I've read in JEMS and listened to on podcast so my assumption now is that it's basically the EMS version of Narnia...
    Thanks for your reply about Stateside tactical medics. DO they get mor money, different daily duties, or just tagged for response? (See threads).
    Thanks for your thoughtful reply.
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