1. H

    17 Questions With: A Covid-19 EMT

    I interviewed an active EMT to learn more about their experience during the height of the pandemic and to help spread their perspective with others. Thought EMTLife would enjoy
  2. P

    Care Ambulance interview

    Hi! I got an interview with Care ambulance coming up and I wanted to see if any of y’all had tips for me? Im just nervous... hows the questions and the skills testing? How are the interviewers? And what did y’all wear to the interview? Thank y’all in advance
  3. K

    AMR Kansas?

    Hey y’all! Last week I took the entrance exam for AMR here in Kansas. I finished top 5 so I received an interview for this Friday the 9th. First off, what should I expect? I’ve done tons of interviews, and always done well. I’ve also done interviews for the largest fire department around...
  4. M

    Upcoming Interview

    Hi, my name's Matt and I was wondering if any of you had advice before my interview this week. It's for American Ambulance and I couldn't be more excited to start EMS work. What questions should I expect? What kind of answers do I give? *i'll answer 100% honest still* And what can I...
  5. R

    Volunteer Interview

    I have a volunteer EMT interview with a very busy, urban EMS agency next week. I was told the interview will be a panel of 4 people and the questions will not be clinical. What questions were you asked and what advice do you have? To give you a better idea of who I am as a candidate: I have a...
  6. Hayden

    McCormick testing

    Hey all, A super last minute post, but I am testing for McCormick tomorrow and I was interested in hearing any tips. I've read a few other threads but they were out of date. Also I had a two questions for anyone who works there. 1. Suit and tie for the test? I'm assuming yes but you never...
  7. B

    Interview tips

    I recently passed the NREMT and I am going to start going on interviews for EMT positions. Any tips on the interview/application process?
  8. S

    AMR San Gabriel valley skills/interview

    I have an skills/interview Wednesday with AMR in irwindale, I was told if I pass skills I'll get an interview. Any tips for what skills I will be getting tested on and which ones to pay extra attention too? Some interview pointers and resume tips This will be my first Ems job interview and...
  9. M

    McCormick Ambulance Test

    Hi, I'm completely new to EMS and I just got my EMT license in August. I successfully completed an application to McCormick Ambulance Company in the Los Angeles Region, and they want me in for testing within five days. My problem is I'm a puny 18 year old female, 116 Ibs. I just found out...
  10. Loshi

    NorCal Interview coming up soon! What should I be prepared for?

    On the e-mail I received I was told to bring a change of clothes.. and be prepared for the following: a lift assessment, 30 choice multiple question test, skills evaluation, documentation exercise and a one on one interview. Has anyone else gone through NorCals interview process if so what...
  11. cointosser13

    Flight Medic Questions

    This pertains mostly to flight medics, but if anybody else knows the answer too don't be afraid to answer. What were some clinically based questions that you had to answer during your flight interview process?
  12. ashleyv93

    Paramedic Program Interview

    Hello everyone! The other day I passed the written exam to get into my local paramedic program, and I now have an interview with the Medical Director and members of the paramedic faculty on Saturday. After passing the test I was given a "tips sheet" for the interview. One of the last tips is to...
  13. Anthony Nevarez Jr

    Interview with AMR tomorrow!

    Hello all, Tomorrow I have an interview with AMR Redlands Division in CA. I was hoping to get some advice and info that can help prepare me. I have already taken and passed the written portion of the process. Thanks to all.
  14. J

    Do you think I bombed my interview essay?

    Hey all, I went to an ambulance company about 4 days ago to apply. The didn't interview me, but I did do a map test (went alright), a written test (felt GREAT about it), lift test, and an essay to write. For the essay I feel like I didn't give myself enough time or organization, so I kind of...
  15. Mya

    Drag/lift test during an interview?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew what to expect for a drag/lift test during an interview. My instructor for the emt class never had us do any pt drags so I'm just a little curious about what I might have to do and unless it's a "Surprise! Show us how you'd drag someone" test, I don't want to...
  16. J

    Interview Prep Advice

    Good Evening, I am asking for advice and pointers to better prep myself for an upcoming job interview. I am interviewing with one of the most busy trauma hospital in NJ for an EMT-B position. What should I have prepare for such a big interview? Skills I should brush up on ? Facts, policy...