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    Coronavirus Discussion Thread

    Mortality rate is not 4.1+, it's that because we only test those that are basically getting admitted. We are not testing those with mild symptoms. When you only use those that are admitted and use death rate to get mortality rate, you will get highly elevated rate. Instead look at SK numbers...
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    California: DMV printout?

    For those in LA, here is official LADOT policy that i receive in the email DMV has changed their policy and will no longer be issuing the "H6" driving record to the public. However, they are now issuing a modified version of the "K4" driving record. According to the DMV publication, the K4...
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    Rescue One Ambulance

    I am guessing that Rescue one is owned by Armenians, i would avoid it. edit: in la they run 10 units. Don't appear to have any new units
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    Schaefer Ambulance Service

    Any company that do not have solid private contract will go out of business sooner then later. Unfortunately that was true with Bower and it's true with this company. Medicare is not what it used to be and as such private contract is the only thing that keep most companies in business. I expect...
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    BLS Non-Emergent Transport of Dialysis Pts and how to justify Medical Necessity

    I am going to assume you are talking about medi/medi. My basic advice is to tell your owners it to drop the insurance. Look around the industry, without giving legal advice which is not permitted in this forum I can say that many companies have closed as result of medi/medi action. I would also...
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    Let me guess you are with management? So how many making 50,60, or even 70k a year? ye that is what i thought.
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    My Driving Record - Please Let Me Know If I'm Disqualified (EMT)

    It depends where you want to work, what insurance carrier they use. If in Los Angeles for example, dot might deny you because of 2 suspension. Reason for suspension is not something they care. Also auto insurance company might deny to cover you as well. Basically apply to find out, it's hard to...
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    What is your most ridiculous call?

    What you don't have super strength? You can't just put gurney on your and your partner shoulder and walk it up the stairs? :D
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    Gotta put the Grandma in a nursing home

    medi-cal/medicaid does cover nursing home. If your family have money i would suggest you look at board and care. They are usually much better compare to nursing home.
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    Ambulnz Health, LLC (Los Angeles County)

    It's just that rumor. I haven't seen any evidence of them purchasing plus why would americare ambulance sell.
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    Ambulnz Health, LLC (Los Angeles County)

    In all of this pages there was one post that even remotely answered wage question, when I asked follow up question it got ignored. So let me try again. It was said that your company pays 28-30 an hour to emt, okay is that performance pay? Meaning is that what emt get paid as result of good...
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    Ambulnz Health, LLC (Los Angeles County)

    Thank you for reply was that so hard? Okay is that pay includes performances pay? If so what emt base pay? Is there minimum trips one need to do before you will pay performances pay? Also how many hours a week do you expect someone to work? Note I am just asking very basic questions.
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    Ambulnz Health, LLC (Los Angeles County)

    What your company basically is claiming that 2+2=5 when everyone else is saying 4. The reimbursement rate are just not there, it is pretty much impossible to pay close to 100k per emt without going bankrupt. 100k is what many people with Bs degree don't even make
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    Ambulnz Health, LLC (Los Angeles County)

    Any company that currently doing Medicare transport are basically looking to get shutdown. Medicare do not want to pay for anything but 911. In few years they will come, do an audit and ask for their money back. Also even private insurance do not pay so much that would let emt are anything...
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    Ambulnz Health, LLC (Los Angeles County)

    They will not post it because you will not like their answer. It appears they borrowed the model from uber and taxi. Uber part is assign to next available unit as long as they are in the approximate area and taxi part, those that want to make money will be willing to work 18 hours a day, almost...