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Hello, nwhitney!

My name is Noah and I am brand new to this forum. I live in Beaverton, OR right now and am interested in someday being a PA and using EMT experience as a stepping stone into PA school! I would love to pick your brain a bit and learn more about what EMS is like in the Portland area!
hey chrls I have my EMT - P with little over 2 years ALS experience. Is there anything that bumps a candidate for air officer / medic spot rather than. Seniority? Thanks

The last medic we hired here met the minimum and that’s about it. Other bases will have more competition based on location etc.

There’s also a benefit to putting in time going to units and making an impression before an opening becomes available. They can get a better feel for you over time compared to a 30 minute interview.

Hopefully I answered more questions than I caused.
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Good evening,
I saw your post on June 18th 2020 regarding your desire to work overseas. Did you get any feedbacks?
Hey Jim, I saw all your posts about the Glendale FD Ambulance Operator position! I’m thinking about applying there as my first EMT job. It says on their website that after the hiring process, which you said took 6-9 months, they send you to the Academy. Is that the same experience you had too? Thanks!
I'm an up-and-coming student who's about to complete their EMT-B cert in NC here shortly. I've noticed you've commented on Wake County's EMS System and wanted to know if you had any advice or insight for theirs and/or Johnston County's EMS Agency. Point being, following my State certification, I'm looking to pursue a career in the industry so I'm seeking any and all advice you're willing to offer.
Hey, I have a question for you, could you send me a private message/conversation please? The site won’t let me send you a private message or start a conversation with you.

This would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Hey, did you move to SoCal? If not I have a better place for you to move to. The sole Ambulance of a 2 County radius holds the ALS contract. More importantly, I'm looking for a Paramedic. Let me know.
How many years does it take to get a medic position at CHP?
Thanks!! I’m surprised that many guys have medic licenses. It’s not an easy thing to get. Is it easier to get on as a pilot? Chp must be one of the only departments requiring helo rating. Most only require fw.
Our pilots make more than the medics so there’s also some good competition there too. Same time requirements for time on the job.
Are you in Ca? It’s a thing of the past to not require licenses for LEO aircraft. Fw or rotary. True they’re usually public use aircraft but an incident a long time ago made the FAA get onto agencies that didn’t require their pilots to have the correcting certs/ratings.
Hi! I'm Jon. I've been watching your Wilco posts for a year or two, but now I'm getting really close to having my immigration squared away, so I'm starting to line up my ducks. Do you guys have any Canadian medics, or will I be your first?!? :)