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Jul 24, 2017 at 6:45 PM
Dec 5, 2012
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Azusa, CA

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Forum Deputy Chief, from Azusa, CA

Vital structural support that keeps hospital walls from collapsing by holding them up Jan 11, 2017

Jim37F was last seen:
Viewing latest content, Jul 24, 2017 at 6:45 PM
    1. meninist
      Hey man, I see you posting on this forum and its my understanding that you work for mccormick. Im starting my orientation next week and was wondering if you had any advice on topics to brush up on or things to study in preparation.
      Thank you
    2. king008

      What City do you currently work for as an Ambulance Operator?
    3. Jim37F
      Vital structural support that keeps hospital walls from collapsing by holding them up
    4. Arron
    5. ChristianAshleyEMT
      Hello Jim! Sorry to also bug you as I see you have some McCormick fans here also asking questions but I too have an interview with them and wondered if you had any pointers on the Thomas Guide test? Also, how soon after you interviewed and tested were you contacted about a job offer?
      1. muses25 likes this.
    6. DrBuffman
      Hello Jim. Sorry to bug you but how was the written part of Mccormick ambulance test? I have an interview Wednesday and have not used my BLS skills of emt skills in 9 months. what should i brush up on?
      1. VegaB likes this.
      2. ChristineQLe
        hi Dr Buffman, I interview with them Wed as well, any idea what I should be reviewing for the written and patient assessment portion? Please and thank you!
        May 22, 2016
        VegaB likes this.
    7. DrBuffman
      Hello Jim. Sorry to bug you, but i noticed you started working for mccormick. I have an interview for them on wednesday and was concerned about the written part, any pointers on what i should review? Ive been out of school for 9 months and have not used any BLS with my current job. Thanks.
      1. Arron
        Hey Jim, I see that a couple have messaged you about the interview for McCormick. I don't want to be a bother as well, but my interview is this Wed. and I'm mostly concerned with what I should be reviewing for the written exam and any advice would be greatly appreciated if ya can help me out :)
        Aug 12, 2016
    8. etoh5150
      Hey, when you did your second interview for hall, do you recall what questions were asked?
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    Azusa, CA
    Spent 5 years as an Army Paratrooper (MOS 37F Psychological Operations Specialist).