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Physicians Assistant ?

Discussion in 'ALS Discussion' started by philslat, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Brandon O

    Brandon O Puzzled by facies

    Who knows. They haven't been very active pursuing this, but it does mostly depend on the state, not on who created what.

    Agree that PAs are usually more suited to surgical work. As I understand it NPs usually need to undertake additional training to assist in the OR.

    True that NPs are a bit more specialized in training (roughly specialized programs versus fully generalist NP programs), but how much this matters seems to vary. I have certainly seen FNPs working in the acute care setting.
  2. Remi

    Remi Forum Deputy Chief Premium Member

    Not so sure about that: Big News for OTP in North Dakota

    Economics is a hard force to ignore over the long term, and economics definitely favors independent "mid level" (again, I hate that term because it is demeaning and factually inaccurate) practice.

    For purely political reasons, PA's lag far behind NP's in this area, but they will eventually catch up.
  3. Peak

    Peak ED/Prehospital Registered Nurse

    Yeah, NPs would need to get their RNFA.

    There are FNPs who work acute care, but they have mostly been there before the proliferation of acute care NP specialties. New FNPs will have a much harder time finding acute care jobs than before. Every RN I know who when FNP instead of AGNPAC or PNPAC ended up having to take a clinic job, this isn't universal by any means but the demand is so much higher in primary care now.

    I wasn't aware of that but I'll be surprised if it actually passes.

    Like you said it's all political, and I think the medical and nursing interests will likely both be against it in the long term.

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