1. N

    How hard is EMT course.

    I know It's a very common question. But really, how difficult is it for the average person in terms of studying, memorization, knowledge, and workload. Any details would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. B

    Advanced Life Support Training Video

    Hello from Austria! Our Kids from Jugendrotkreuz helped filming a test ALS training Video. I hope you like it. It should be based on ERC 2022, however not all worked out that well ;-) Please let me know your feedback, we would like to continue with stuff like that. All the Best Michael
  3. C

    What are some additional certifications/classes that I should take/get once I become an EMT-B?

    I'm not quite an EMT just yet, but I was curious which ones would be the most relevant for when I do finally get certified.
  4. DrParasite

    How often do you do in house "training"

    simple question... I know in the fire service, training is typically done at least once per shift (in theory anyway), but I haven't seen the same thing happen in EMS. And I don't mean FTO time, I mean once you are fully cleared and credentialed. At my last FT EMS job, we did training...
  5. W

    Online EMS Training?

    Hi! I am trying to find certain trainings online, and I was told they didn't cost anything, and I was wondering if anyone knew the best place to find these trainings: Hazardous Materials Response - Awareness Level CEVO 3 Training NIMS IS 100 & IS 700 Thank you!
  6. D

    Training opportunities with CEU's

    Awareness protective Consultants from NJ travels nationwide to train EMS and Fire for several courses such as: Situational Awareness Integrated Active Shooter for First Responders Both are able to obtain Continuing education for the training and both are 4 hour training increments. Please...
  7. C

    Getting CE Hours in Minnesota for NREMT Cert

    Hey everyone, I got my NREMT for Minnesota in June of 2017 and found out I was pregnant in May of 2017. I had hyperemesis gravidarum the entire pregnancy so I didn't do anything with my NREMT as I could barely function to make it to my appointments. Anyways, here I am with a now healthy baby...
  8. Foxem

    Anything you wish you knew before starting Field Training?

    I'll be getting my FTO assigned to me here shortly and I wanted to know if there was any advice you guys could give me that might not be to obvious; or anything you would have done differently. As of right now, I'm just going into it with an open mind and a few hours of studying my response...
  9. C

    Mock DUI demo for high school

    My EMS group is planning a DUI demo for the local high school and I am wondering if anybody has experience planning one. I found the Every 15 minutes program procedure manual from the California Highway Patrol but it is more involved than we want. Any advice on how many patients we should have...
  10. Liam

    Becoming an EMT with no biology experience

    Hey there, I've recently been looking into becoming an EMT(PCP) in Alberta, Canada. Only thing is I took chemistry all through high school, last time I was studying the human body was in grade 9 honours science, I'm 19 now turning 20 in June of 2018, is it worth it for me to take general...
  11. M

    Paid Or Reimbursed Paramedic Training

    Hey there, I'm looking at moving to Louisiana because I found an EMS company down there that'll let me work full time and reimburse me for paramedic training. Are there any other options like this out there?
  12. H

    NEMT vs EMT transportation

    Just a heads up for all EMT's or students out there looking for a NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) gig, Healthtrans in paramount is hiring now. No EMT license needed, just first aid CPR card. Still working with patients and gurney's o=in IFT setting and experience in working with a...
  13. M

    Paramedic Care: Principles and Practice Vol 1-7 For Sale

    I have a brand new, never used set of books for sale. I bought the books for my paramedic program at the beginning of 2016 and never ended up opening them. They are for sale new on Amazon for about 450.00, I'm asking 400.00 and shipping is free. I have a paypal account that can be used for payment.
  14. F


    Hello.. I am the EMS Captain for a small town volunteer fire department. I have recently taken on this position as it was free and I enjoy the responsibilities. I got my card in June. I am still new to the idea of training others in EMS as I am still learning myself. However when we are on scene...
  15. F

    Nervous about my first ride along.

    So I know that this topic has been beaten over and over again. I'm top in my class and ace all of my practicals 100%. I want to get my paramedic before I go onto school to be a trauma surgeon. I feel very confident in my knowledge and skill. But, as my instructors beat into us, "This is how you...
  16. Justin DaRosa

    Newb question on EMT training...

    Hi this is my second post and it's kind of a newbie question so keep that in mind. I was wondering if theirs any difference when it comes to where you actually get your EMT certificates from, In Reno they have REMSA and TMCC both offer EMT classes but one cost's a a lot more and is longer. If i...

    EMSA Oklahoma City

    I have a few questions for current EMSA employees. I posted a thread in the training forum and didn't receive any reply's but have since talked with a recruiter and had some of my questions answered. I am considering working as a basic for EMSA while in paramedic school and was wondering how...
  18. daniduck

    Are the EMT training courses using the new JB edition?

    I currently have the tenth edition of the AAOS Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, I tried logging into the and seems the site doesn't exist anymore... so I was wondering would I need to upgrade to the new 11th edition if that is the case. INput would...
  19. M

    EMT-b Scenarios for training purposes

    Hey, I am trying to set up some weekend training for a group that are about to test, and I don't have the time to create fleshed out scenarios wholecloth right now, is there a good source of full scenarios online? Budget is $0 from my department for this right now. It is for the NREMT-b, looking...
  20. HesDeadJim

    (very) part time emt work

    I volunteer with my local search and rescue team. I have a full time job in business/finance that I'm not planning on abandoning. I got my EMT-B to be a more useful member of my team. I'd like to eventually like to get into a paramedic program. My two problems: There are a couple of programs...