1. Kavsuvb

    AEMT's, good Idea or Bad idea.

    What's everyone's take on AEMT's, Good idea or Bad idea. To me, I think AEMT's are a good idea because they are great for rural communities in America who don't have access to a Paramedic. On top of that they are a great stepping stone for EMT's who want to go to Paramedic school with a...
  2. S

    Accelerated AEMT Course (clinicals)

    I am in an accelerated one semester Advanced EMT course and we begin clinical rotations in 2 weeks. My instructors have been great and we will have gone over everything we are required to know by the time clinical start ie, IV, Pharmacology, etc. Although I wouldn't say I feel unconfident with...
  3. Chris EMT J

    Unusual presentation

    Hey so had this call that was really a unusual presentation so I am going to give some important information to the case and have some information private for patient confidentiality. Teenage male CC of jittery feeling Visual cues: Tripod position Obviously involuntary shaking of legs and...
  4. C

    Hybrid AEMT

    I am currently an EMT-B and considering doing an online AEMT course. I was wondering how fast can you complete this? Also what company did you do it through? How does clinical time work? Thanks!
  5. M

    Could I loose ability to practice?

    Ok. While going through the fire academy for AEMT I was accused of cheating on my final (I didn't) so I had a hearing and they said they think I did and i was expelled from the course and there for could not get my license or test for registry. They then said I would have to find somewhere else...
  6. T

    Failed NREMT - A 3 Times now....

    AEMT Class ended in July last year, passed my practicals in July as well. Stressing on getting this test passed before July this year so I don't have to do the practicals over again. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated. Looking for resources on AEMT studying on the digital front. I...
  7. andiecuiffo

    In need of old First Aid Equipment

    Hi all! My name is Andie Cuiffo and I'm a NR-AEMT living in NY, as well as an ocean lifeguard and officer for International Surf Lifesaving Association (ISLA). Every year I travel to Indonesia with ISLA and teach lifesaving and basic first aid, as Indonesia has little to no prehospital care or...
  8. N

    Paramedic school transfer credits..? & P1 to AEMT question

    Hey guys, new here.. First off, I'd like to apologize if I'm beating a dead horse. I have searched, but it's possible I'm not searching the right thing. So anyway, I did paramedic school in FL, but did not complete it due to relocating to TN for personal reasons. (Although I do plan to...
  9. F

    AEMT Training Michigan

    Is there any classes in the lower peninsula that would be available? I have search everywhere. Oakland CC, seems to have a certificate, but no one knows anything about it. I also would not mind upper Ohio?
  10. J

    Hybrid Program

    (I posted this question in the educ/training section but have not received much feedback). Any thoughts on hybrid AEMT programs - positives/negatives? I took a hybrid EMT-b course, and was 1 of 3 to pass the class. I was good during clinicals and skills sessions, but I also realize that EMTb is...
  11. J

    Hybrid AEMT Programs

    I'm currently an EMT-B, and I'm considering taking a Hybrid AEMT course through Lenoir Community College in NC. There are 3 weekend-long campus visits for skills, and otherwise all didactic material is online and of course there are clinical hours. Does anyone have any thoughts/experiences on...
  12. EpiEMS

    "Intermediate" Life Support Nomenclature

    What's your nomenclature preference for the AEMT/EMT-I levels? Collectively, do you term them ALS, ILS, or something in-between? I'm a fan of ILS for in-system use, but based on billing criteria in my area, they're "ALS".
  13. EpiEMS

    (NEW) CT Statewide Protocols

    My fellow CT and tri-state area providers! Have any of you been made aware of the timeframe for the implementation of the CT statewide protocols? Additionally, given that the new protocols mention the 2007 AEMT scopes, has anybody heard anything new (since the April 2015 memo) about the CT...
  14. Colt45


    I took my National Registry test on Saturday and just found out my result (don't ever test on a weekend if you want to enjoy it). I failed and got near passing in every section and below passing in trauma. Out of 10 people in my class I got the highest grade and put probably 4X the effort into...
  15. F

    GI Bill / AEMT or Paramedic / Where to Learn

    I'm currently an EMT-B veteran with a GI Bill. The Basic is getting us (the family) by but I wan't to pick up my medic so I can (1) be a medic and (2) be able to actually provide for my family. I'm curious as to whether I should pick up my Advanced first to ease into the job or go straight to...
  16. K

    Decisions and Relocation/ sign on bonuses

    Hello! I am an AEMT in Ga, in the process of relocating back home (New Orleans). Heres my not too familliar with the whole relocation process or how I should go about inquiring if the companies I've applied for (and will be applying for) are participants. Also, If anyone can tell me...
  17. E

    What is the Current Required text for Advanced EMT?

    I have been looking everywhere but I can not figure out which one is used as the basis for classes and testing etc. I need to get a head start on making study material because I'm going to be very busy working while taking the class in a few months (paying off debt). Is this something that...
  18. Lindsey

    EMT Recertification

    Do I need to recertify as EMT-B if this summer I'm planning on taking an AEMT class? Will I be able to just certify at the end of the summer as AEMT? I live in Austin, TX if that helps. Thank you!
  19. M

    I'm an EMT and got a DUI... What now?

    Here it goes. I'm 23 and I've been licensed and practicing as an AEMT in the state of TN for the past two years at a private ambulance service. Last night I was out drinking and decided to drive and got arrested. I've been charged with a DUI, speeding, and due care. Is this the end of my career...
  20. K

    Grady Protocols Test

    Hi everybody, I was just wanted to see if anyone knew how hard the protocols test is for the application process for Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, GA. I just became certified and licensed as AEMT and working at Grady has been my dream. I am scheduled to take the test on January 12th in a...