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    Who would be the worst EMS trainee?

    I am going to get you the help you need to beat your drug addiction. Patient : But I'm having chest pain..
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    What types of airways can EMT-B use

    What types of airways can EMT-B use in their scope of practise?
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    Just Got hired.

    Congrats....I'm curious will you be working in AMR ambulances since they are apart of AMR.
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    Off-Duty Response

    I think I would safely head to the restaurant. Since I'd be protected under the good Samaritan act. So I would have nothing to worry about as long as I stay in my scope of practise. Also I would just go back to the fundamental basics while I wait for EMS since I wouldn't really have any use...
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    Medic Reunites with Coworker Who Delivered Him

    That's pretty neat...I wish I could meet the paramedic who got me interested in EMS.
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    Oxygen key question

    +1 just get a cheap one online,
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    Fleece EMS Work-Shirts

    They are made by OUTDOOR Outfits.
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    Latin American EMS

    I just got back from my trip to Cuba and did a ride along with the Paramedic Service in Havana all and all it was great. The medics were very friendly people. The calls were umhhh "interesting". It was neat to get to experience a different EMS system .
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    How do you decide where to transport?

    In my city there are 4 hospitals and one children's hospital.One hospital has a cardiac ward so, most serious cardiac calls go straight to that hospital unless the patient is under 18...all other calls the dispatcher decides which hospital to send the patient based on hospital wait times.
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    Latin American EMS

    This Dec Ill be doing a ridealonge with the Paramedics in Havana Cuba. Ill let you know how that goes....
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    Howdy from NY

    Welcome to EMT life.
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    How old are you?

    15 and since I've only been with my service for a little under a year I don't really have any advice........heck I need the advice.
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    Things for my trauma bag.

    Over the past couple months I've decided to build a trauma bag I've collected things here and there bought a couple things and think I'm almost done I don't want anything fancy I just want a bag to carry in my car (once i get my drivers license ) incase I come across something. So far I have...
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    PIC Kits (Personal Infection Control)/EMS Fanny Packs | Who uses them?/Opinions

    In my service they issue a small green pack inside there are gowns n95 respirators masks and safety glasses.