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    New EMT in CA: A Few Questions...

    Try King - American in the city. Very reputable. As a newbie, you would get a good introduction to the field.
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    Too old?

    I thought I was getting into the field late when I was 28 and went to EMT school. That was 20+ years ago. I have always paid particular attention to body mechanics, and for that reason, have outlasted many of my peers. I don't mind aging in the field, it's just the comments from the younger...
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    Former Smokers. What was your method?

    Cold turkey, hold the excuses.
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    Transport Vents: Crossvent VS LTV 1200

    My only experience is with the LTV 1200. I am unfamiliar with the Crossvent.
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    Dilemma - CPR on pt. with invalid DNR form

    TheLocalMedic weighed in on this. This medic is from CA. Shotzman is even from an area of CA that I have worked in prior, and the only prudent course of treatment in CA, especially if this was an IFT, meaning dual EMT crew is CPR, AED, lights and siren.
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    Dilemma - CPR on pt. with invalid DNR form

    This incident took place in CA. If you don't have an MD signature, you don't have a DNR. I know it sounds ridiculous to continue care going to hospice, but legally, in CA we would have to work the patient and proceed to nearest ER or return to originating facility. It sounds like in some areas...
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    Crafton Hills - EMT-B

    I am. It's been awhile though.
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    Dilemma - CPR on pt. with invalid DNR form

    This is an easy one. Work him. No M.D. signature, no withholding of care. Don't even think about "half ***" CPR.
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    Protransport-1 Group Interview

    I will second Angel's reply, except that my interview (in 2006) was face to face at Cotati. Did my FTO time at Pleasant Hill, and worked San Francisco, including the 2011 49er home games. Watch the politics, keep your head down, and remember, anything (and I do mean anything) can get you in...
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    Interviews for PRN and Mercy Ambulance in Socal?

    If you have read some of the other threads, you might be advised that a possible deal exists for ProTransport-1 ambulance in the bay area (I used to work for them) to acquire PRN. If this goes through, the minimum part time requirement could change. Just giving you a little professional heads up.
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    Do sirens 'NEED' to be on while driving code 3?

    Depends on your state and company. CA says a forward facing, steady burning red light visible for 1000 feet. However, both private agencies I worked for supersede that with an all or nothing policy. Be careful, if you work for one of these companies and decide that the noise is unnecessary at...
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    What defines a high volume/busy system?

    Chaz90 was right. I have worked the majority of my career in the inland empire, the area of southern California east of L.A. encompassing the metropolitan parts of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. But I have also worked in San Francisco. The term "high volume" is relative. You can run 4...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    O.K. so, after 20 years of certification, I left the field, and being in CA., let my DL-51 and CPR card expire. Well, 2 days before my EMT cert expired (it expired on new years eve) I once again caved in and agreed with my wife that I'll take a refresher course (30 hours plus CPR and skills) and...
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    EMT vs First Responder

    Try to get reassigned. Then someone else can work with this loose cannon and hopefully report the same behavior to build a case for termination.
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    You win!