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    Detroit's Latest Joke

    And I thought I had it bad in my neck of the woods........:huh:
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    awkward things you say to your partner

    Pull my finger.......<_<
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    When to cut away a patient's clothes?

    Aside from various trauma that requires exposure,cardiac arrest pt's get there shirts/jacket/bra cut.
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    EMT Alberta Licensing Exam Prep

    I thought we all had a national title already..........Ambulance Driver:beerchug:
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    ride along scare

    Spray foam. Squirt,expand,immobilize........:beerchug:
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    Fdny ems

    You pretty much described my service,other than our pay is a bit better,no morale,long hospital waits,fire can do no wrong.......
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    Glass Ingestion

    Yup, but in my system rapid transport = *****y triage RN who will make the patient wait in the hallway with EMS as they have no beds,have not had their breaks, are cold,tired,over worked.....blah blah blah, so much for patient care first........:unsure:
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    PROACT study Edmonton Metro EMS

    What is the PROACT trial? Due to the high morbidity and mortality of NSTEMI and CHF as well as the success of the VHR process. It has spawned the Providing Rapid out of hOspital Acute Cardiovascular Treatment. With the integration of point of care testing into EMS this will allow for early...
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    Want to become an EMT but have no idea where to start. help?

    Gotta love TheDitchDoctor..........;) old skool
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    a "incident"

    :beerchug: +5
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    Just realized that snow is going through the webpage

    Your sure it's snow........:rofl:
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    Edmonton SigMa-6 Kevlar Vest Internal

    WTF is a sigma 6 ?
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    Worst names for an ambulance service...

    Priapism EMS:unsure:
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    Retro first aid kits... what to do?

    Looks like the stuff my department supplies........:unsure:
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    Should I go into EMS???