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MedStar is a good place to start at any level. If not there, CHRISTUS out in Longview, UT Health EMS, Acadian or any of the local 911 services are good, then AMR (low pay).
I live in Dallas, not sure if I'd want to make the drive out to Longview haha. It's not as easy for me to uproot and go. I have a wife and son as well. But I was looking into MedStar or AMR Farmers Branch, but AMR has a pretty crappy pay scale.
All non-fire EMT jobs do.
so i've read. I'll probably look at joining the fire academy in the near future. Hopefully get hired on to a FD somewhere.
Hey! So I'm looking at obtaining my EMT-B in August, you know if MedStar FW is a good company to try with or should I look at a smaller company.
Hello Jim,
I have an oral interview for McCormick on Monday. Anything in specific you could think of that I might need to know? (I've already taken the written/trauma scenario). Also, How likely is it that McCormick will hire someone straight out of their EMT class?
While we are confident that these will comply with all regulatory requirements, it is very important for our team to obtain validation from Emergency Responders that will use our systems on a daily basis. Would you be interested in participating in a focus group session?
Hello Tigger, First of all I will like to congratulate you on all your experience and for taking the time to actively share your knowledge on this website. Our Research and Development team is in the process of designing several elements in an Ambulance Setting.
Finished EMT Course and passed NREMT. Currently going through the hiring process at the local ambulance company and helping out with the new EMT class as an extra hand, which is nice because it keeps the information fresh and keeps me in contact with the instructors.
good morning Tigger. I just started my EMT training back in March, i have a big test tomorrow. and i have few questions. will you be able to help me?
I am looking for funding to purchase a power cot. I have tried our state and local sources without any luck. Can you help find links to funding for such an item
Hello! I'm Jaysen. I just signed up here and found your post back in February about expired EMT cert. I posted a reply to it tonight in case it may help you. Since your post is a couple months old I thought I'd send you a message to see if you have had any success in getting your certs back.
Good Afternoon Sir. Can you give me some idea as to how you prescribe MedicTest to your students? I know that seems vague but I am curious as to how it is used in a classroom setting. Thank You!!!