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I'm currently looking at schools to get certified for EMT basic. What are things I should look for in a school? Should I go through a Community College, FD, or an Academy type class? How long did it take after you completed your certification before you secured employment? Is there anything you feel made a significant difference in your education?

Thank you for your time! Please help me make an informed decision.


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Go for what ever school or class fits your schedule and lifestyle the best. Some people love the academy style of teaching while others greatly despise it. With most programs you get what you put into it. Meaning you can attend a great class and be a horrible provider and vise versa.

Some schools have a much better reputation than others so that is something that you should look into.

I personally prefer classes that are thru a college so that you get credits towards a degree and also have access to all the resources that colleges have.

As for instructors you will get both the ones who love to tell stories and others who are very cut and dry. You'll have some instructors try to talk up the company they work for and others who really don't care.

After completing the class it was about 2-3 months before I got hired as an EMT in CA (where there is an over saturation of them). What helped me getting hired? Having a pulse, an EMT card, not being cocky, and not being a complete idiot.

Never once was I asked "what EMT program did you attend?".

TLDR; Go to whatever school works for you but make sure you put a decent amount of effort into it and be professional during interviews.