1. S

    Question about protocol for someone with a wound in their backside

    Im a writer, and need to clarify this for accuracy. If someone were shot in their left glute, would they be placed onto the gurney laying on their side opposite of the wound, or placed on their belly? Would they be strapped in in any way? Right now I have it where he is strapped in on his side...
  2. J

    Nevada State EMT-B License

    Hello, I recently finished with getting my nremt certification and I was just wondering if anyone knows how long the state takes in processing a state license in Nevada. Thanks, Jester
  3. M

    medication question for newbie

    I just applied for and got a job offer with AMR!! this is really my last opportunity to not end up broke and working at mcdonalds. i'm so happy and excited. I have not yet started the pre-employment process. I take 2 medications that might dq me. adderall and valium. (the valium is an as needed...
  4. ChrisC5928

    Employment and driving record question

    Hello all, Was wondering if anyone could help me out with a question. I am going to be looking for employment as a emt in massachusetts, but I was curious on what companies are looking for in a driving record. I have no speeding or DUI'S or anything like that but on my driving record I have a...
  5. C


    I'm currently looking at schools to get certified for EMT basic. What are things I should look for in a school? Should I go through a Community College, FD, or an Academy type class? How long did it take after you completed your certification before you secured employment? Is there anything you...