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I took my EMT Course last year at this time and passed, I also took the NREMT not long after and passed. I received my card and am certified to work as an EMT. I pushed off the job search because I had a well paying job at the time and was trying to save up to finish paying off some debts before going into the EMS field. I completed those objectives, but now I regret waiting so long because I am afraid I may have forgotten too much.

What advice is there to help me freshen up on my learning and make sure I am still qualified to work in EMS? I am afraid to apply at any position due to this but I want so badly to work in this field. Any online courses or books that would help? Or is the best way to just use that big ol' book that I bought with the class and study it out with the flash cards that I have, the old fashioned way?


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Are there any volunteer departments/agencies that you can ride with? Red Cross? Medical Reserve Corps? Part time event/medical aid station company?

What about reaching out to the school you attended and see if you can audit some class sessions or even offer to help with practice sessions? Sometimes the best way to reinforce your training is by training others. Saying the steps out loud, demonstrating over and over, will get you into a rhythm.


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you can always start working part time somewhere, on nights and weekends, so you don't have to leave the "well paying job."

you can study all you want, but the only way to make sure you are qualified to work in EMS is to actually get a job that puts you on the ambulance, forcing you to do the job.