1. T

    Returning 1 Year

    I took my EMT Course last year at this time and passed, I also took the NREMT not long after and passed. I received my card and am certified to work as an EMT. I pushed off the job search because I had a well paying job at the time and was trying to save up to finish paying off some debts before...
  2. LoganBrogan

    Time Management: Studying for Medic school with a Fulltime EMT job

    Hey everybody, I’m currently an EMT working a full-time job for AMR: Palm Springs, in CA. I have my EMT and A&P entrance exams for Crafton hills college next week and I’ve been putting in lots of hours studying to make sure I pass that and actually get into the school, first. I’ve been putting...
  3. M

    Passed EMT in May havent taken NREMT. I Need help to Study and Pass.

    I passed my course in May, and didn't take after because of money issues. I need to pass this test. Its a matter of my own confidence in the information and the information itself. I would greatly appreciate any tips to help me pass!!!
  4. pghmedic580

    How did you study in Medic School?

    Hey everyone. I start paramedic school in the next couple of weeks and I wanted to see what worked for others when it came to studying. I am more of a visual learner and am in my late 30's. What worked for you? -Making study guides? -Listening and typing out your notes right after class...
  5. G


    How did you learn!? What studying techniques did you use? Did you use flashcards, read and highlight, write and rewrite, Pictures and diagrams? Did you study use videos? Did you study with friends of by yourself?
  6. Gustavo

    Best study guide book for the NREMT TEST?

    Just passed my EMT course and now it's time to study for the NREMT,what's the best book to study from? Besides re reading my EMT course book.
  7. Louis

    EMT-B Merit Training

    Hi everyone. I have a couple of questions and was hoping you guys can give me some pointers / answers. I will be starting my EMT-B course with Merit Training it will be 1-2 months of online training and 1 day practical skills assessment & final test. I need to get a solid foundation of 40 - 80...
  8. EMTFF1996

    Failed Medical Exam

    So this is my first post on here. Like to say hello and thanks (in advance) for any advice offered. This is my first course. I'm in EMT-B Class and we just took our medical exam. I made a 63 and the other tests was prep exam made a 74 and air way management made a 72. Latest test medical (just...
  9. Atomisk

    Southern Nevada Health District

    I'm currently prepping to take the Southern Nevada Health District Protocol test for EMT-B. I got picked up by AMR and this is the last step before employment by them. I was raised and trained in Connecticut so this is something new. I'll be honest I am a hands on learner so studying the 172...