refresher course

  1. T

    Returning 1 Year

    I took my EMT Course last year at this time and passed, I also took the NREMT not long after and passed. I received my card and am certified to work as an EMT. I pushed off the job search because I had a well paying job at the time and was trying to save up to finish paying off some debts before...
  2. K

    Reciprocity in Indiana

    Hello! So, this story may be a little confusing, so just bear with me. And hopefully I am posting this in the correct thread... If not, my bad. So, I am an Ohio paramedic. I do not have NR, due to my program losing it's accreditation right before my class graduated. I have recently relocated...
  3. Michelle Belus

    Continuing education websites

    What site should I use for my continuing education?
  4. Michelle Belus

    Continuing education! or I'm trying to decide which one to use for continuing education??? Help any suggestions!
  5. A

    Refresher training question

    I am currently in an inactive status. I have taken my continuing education courses already but I still need to complete my 24-hour refresher training course. I wanted to know, if I use an online 24-hour refresher training course, will that be valid for my recertification? Is it true that I do...
  6. R

    Where to take EMT Refresher or CE? In Cali

    hello, I'm wondering where I can take an EMT Refresher or CE course? I live in West Covina California. My NREMT cert expires March 2017. I've been googling and found one school that offers a refresher course but it's super far! The rest of the results are for online schools and other random...