driving record

  1. E

    Will AMR DQ me for driving record?

    Hey everyone, I begin my clinical time and ride alongs next month and I'm currently finishing up classes and will take the NREMT in 2 months and had a quick question. I just pulled my electronic DMV H-6 printout and I currently have 2 at-fault accidents on my record. 1 in 2016 when I was a new...
  2. S

    How can I get my first job as an EMT? Any advice is appreciated

    So I have quite a few things working against me and for me. Let me explain: I'm a certified EMT-B, received my cert. through the most respected school in my area (company I did ride slings with said they almost exclusively hire from there) but I have no experience. Unless you count a swim...
  3. E

    EMS Private service Driving record.

    Hello fellow EMTS has anyone ever been turned down from a position due to your driving record? I have one speeding ticket 15 to 19 over the limit and it will go off next year around this time. I was just wondering after evoc and having all my training and after seven years on the rescue squad...
  4. ChrisC5928

    Question about EMT-B Driving record

    Hello, Here is my question hopefully you guys could answer it for me I have looked every where and haven't found a answer. I am from Massachusetts I just got nationally certified and licensed as a EMT and will be applying for jobs in the field very soon. My worry and question is about my driving...