1. A

    Orange County, CA Ambulance Companies: part-time for Care? Doctor's? Lynch? Help!!!

    Hi all, idk where to work bc I'm hearing so much **** back and forth about all of the companies. YES, sadly I'm stuck in OC (despite living in LA county), but OC also covered my ambulance license charges so there was that. If ANYONE can recommend any other companies out there or give some...
  2. J

    New Student

    Hey everyone, I start school for basic EMT in January, I’m a beginner and I don’t really know much about the human body/helping someone in an emergency. I know the basics like CPR and pulse points/super basic things. What’re some tips to help prepare for the course? 6 month course at a community...
  3. A

    Paramedic student looking for a Paramedic from the Neatherland for help with a homework.

    Ok, so , im a Paramedic Student in Canada and i have a big school assignment (worth 30%) in one of my class. I have to present another country Paramedic services and i chose the Neatherlands (cause you guys rock!!!). I have some specific question i cant find the awnser online, such as what type...
  4. KetamineBolus

    The Tale of the Zip-Tie and the Purple Shaft

    Once upon a time, in the wonderful white-trash park of mobile homes, was a patient of which I could only assume was autistic. (No reported history. I’m autistic myself, so don’t get offended.) We has received a message of a teen boi who had fallen ****-first into a zip tie in the day’s early. I...
  5. A

    Unconscious Patients and Stair Chairs

    Hello there! I'm currently a student and my textbook says that an unconscious patient that is not on the first floor should not be transported via stair chair, but didn't necessarily explain why or what to do instead. Is it because the patient's head is not supported, and what kind of stretcher...
  6. J


    I am 17 and about to graduate high school. The only thing I am faced with the decision of what to do now, I love the medical field but I'm not sure if what I should do whether I should go straight to a pre-med program, or do something cheaper and faster like EMS or surgical tech. Really, I just...
  7. S

    Paramedic Student Having Trouble Getting Clinical Rotation

    Hello paramedics, EMTs, Fire, and everyone else!! This is my first forum posting, so please, bear with me. Okay. To begin, I'm a paramedic student in Washington State. However, I got my education in McCook Nebraska, an accelerated program. Yes....I've been on this site and others like it and I...
  8. A

    Need uniform suggestions...

    I will be starting my EMT-B course next month and am looking for some navy blue uniform pants. Problem is that am normally a 00 short in women's pants and just under 5ft tall. All the pants I have found have the smallest size being a 0 or 2. Anyone know any brands that might fit or about my...
  9. K

    Help with elective placement in Scandinavia

    Hello, I'm a student paramedic currently studying paramedic science at the University of East Anglia (in England). I was hoping that someone might be able to offer some information about the possibility of an ambulance placement in Scandinavia, Norway in particular? In my 3rd year, before...
  10. E

    First day of clinical hours - saw a murder and need advice on how to detach from the situation

    Hey everyone, I'm currently an EMT student and yesterday I had my first experience in the field, riding with the paramedics for my clinical hours. We had three calls for elderly patients, but right towards the end of the shift we got a call for a gun shot wound. When the medics got the call...
  11. R

    About to start EMT school soon...quick question!

    Hi all, i'm brand new to this website and i just had a quick question for everyone. I was doing some research about emt-b program lengths and most of them seem to range about about 150-200 hours to finish the program and so my question is, the school i am going to attend, their emt program is...
  12. G


    How did you learn!? What studying techniques did you use? Did you use flashcards, read and highlight, write and rewrite, Pictures and diagrams? Did you study use videos? Did you study with friends of by yourself?
  13. RocketMedic

    Quick Scenario For You (Students and New Medics)

    You're responding to a man, approximately 60, who is complaining of chest pain. The pain started 30 minutes prior, rapidly, while he was arguing with his family. The pain is described as a crushing substernal chest pressure without attendant shortness of breath. It does not radiate. It does not...
  14. danfromnaples

    Tips for a new EMT-B wanting to go on to medic

    Hey guys, first post, new-ish to EMS as well. I'm almost done with my EMT-B class, I test on the 14th of January. I've really enjoyed taking the course and I've only got 2 ride alongs to go. I've gotten pretty good reports from all my preceptors and I've done very good on all the tests and...
  15. J

    Boot Maintenance

    Hello All, For my EMS Academy we have to polish our boots. Does anyone have any experience with polishing boots? If so, when should I consider to strip and repolish the boots Cheers!
  16. J

    Advice for EMT-B Student

    Hello, I am a student taking a emt-b course. What do you suggest I do to study and how? I'm new to emt life also.
  17. S


    Hi All I'm a Representative for SPIRES2016 (Student Paramedic International Rally of Emergency Simulations), based at Oxford Brookes University, England. It's the first ever UK-based international competition for student paramedics. Running from June 17-19. We already have several...
  18. A

    IV nitro

    IV nitro - what do you guys think about it ? As far as i know most systems have it as SL and transdermal, but IV, I would think there would be a significant change in the affect as it would be concentrated, and it wouldnt be as long lasting. would you guys think it would be a good thing to...
  19. G

    How to be a paramedic in California?

    I have been a CNA for about a year and although it's a good job I don't feel like it was something I was meant to do. I've always know I wanted to be in the medical field but, after completing my CNA program I realized that I wanted to be a paramedic. I am from a small town next to Monterey Ca...
  20. B

    Nursing Student Interested in Ride Along

    Hey all... Not an EMT, but training to be a nurse. :) Interested in critical care and was wondering how I could go about doing a ride along in an ambulance in NYC. Thanks!