1. EpiEMS

    ALS CMEs for the EMT?

    Do any of you fine folks know if the NREMT will accept ALS CME (i.e. CME intended for AEMTs, Paramedics) for EMT recertification purposes? I wasn't able to find any guidance from them, other than what I can infer by saying I get hour-for-hour credit if I take ACLS.
  2. K

    Need to find a psychomotor exam in Massachusetts

    Hi all, I'm an EMT-B looking to get certified in Massachusetts. I moved from Florida in August 2017, and while my Florida cert is still active, my NREMT lapsed. It lapsed March 2017, so I'm within the 2 year time frame. Since it lapsed, I have to take the cognitive test and get a psychomotor...
  3. S

    EMT-B Recertification

    I want to renew my nation registry certification before it expires next March (I'm a full-time biology student and would prefer doing it over this summer when I have more time). Does anyone know if I can recertify this early? Also (for someone living in MD), can I recertify by retaking the...
  4. BrianB

    EMT Recertification - IL

    Hello everyone! I just joined the forum and I'm hoping you can help me out. I took my EMT class and practicals in the state of Ohio (while I was in college). Passed & graduated. Moved back home to Chicago where I work full time in Supply Chain and part time as an EMT (State of Ohio, state of IL...
  5. K

    Feasibility of starting a live stream web CME for a fee?

    One of the agencies I work for utilizes a platform to give CMEs live over the web. People in our agency are able to login via a desktop or mobile devices to watch doctors give lectures on different topics and call review. There's a live chat portion that the speaker can see and participate in...
  6. B

    NYS EMT Reciprocity Question? (From State to State)

    So I just got my NYS EMT, I am and have been looking at live in Fire Departments in Maryland, but I wanted to know if/how CME works state to state wise. I definitely do not want to go through another EMT class or take another test, and was told CME is better in all aspects. Does anyone know how...
  7. FFPRN16

    2018 NREMT recertification around the corner.

    I currently hold an NREMT AEMT certification. I have never had to recertify before and I am a bit confused on how to go about it. I already have a few CE hours to go towards my recertification. My question is what is a good online website to get all my CE's that I am going to need? I am in medic...
  8. Michelle Belus

    Continuing education! or I'm trying to decide which one to use for continuing education??? Help any suggestions!
  9. A

    Refresher training question

    I am currently in an inactive status. I have taken my continuing education courses already but I still need to complete my 24-hour refresher training course. I wanted to know, if I use an online 24-hour refresher training course, will that be valid for my recertification? Is it true that I do...
  10. FFPRN16

    NREMT Recertification

    Do you need to be affiliated with a agency for recertification though the NREMT? If so how long do you need to be affiliated with your agency to be eligible?
  11. Lindsey

    EMT Recertification

    Do I need to recertify as EMT-B if this summer I'm planning on taking an AEMT class? Will I be able to just certify at the end of the summer as AEMT? I live in Austin, TX if that helps. Thank you!
  12. mdwatkins13

    Need an explaination on NREMT recertification hours

    Hello, I've been very confused by my NREMT recertification process. Just had some questions. 1. I completed my EMT 24hr transition course to go from an EMT Basic to a EMT and filled out the NREMT online application stating it was complete. But there is no place to show the proof of...
  13. Joe Lawrence

    NREMT Recertification

    My certification expires soon and the agency I affiliate with in my hometown is not on the NREMT website. Is there anyway around it? And also does the NREMT accept online CE classes and if so which ones?