Feasibility of starting a live stream web CME for a fee?


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One of the agencies I work for utilizes a platform to give CMEs live over the web. People in our agency are able to login via a desktop or mobile devices to watch doctors give lectures on different topics and call review. There's a live chat portion that the speaker can see and participate in while lecturing (fielding questions and stuff like that) and also people with mics can chime in too. Our agency keeps it in house due to costs. I was curious if this is something people would pay a small fee for to be able to accumulate necessary CME hours for recertifcation. In our state, they are pretty strict how many of your hours can be obtained from "online" sources. But because this is a live interaction, the state doesn't lump it in as an online source, and it can be use for the general pool of hours. Would this be something I could convince my agency to open up to the public if they were to charge a fee?