Need to find a psychomotor exam in Massachusetts


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Hi all,

I'm an EMT-B looking to get certified in Massachusetts. I moved from Florida in August 2017, and while my Florida cert is still active, my NREMT lapsed. It lapsed March 2017, so I'm within the 2 year time frame. Since it lapsed, I have to take the cognitive test and get a psychomotor skill sheet signed off. Here's why my situation gets sticky.

Mass DOH will do skill assessments for someone applying for their NREMT the first time or a Massachusetts licensed EMT re-certing for the first time. To become a Massachusetts EMT from out of state, you need to be NREMT certified.

I'm fine on the cognitive portion - I've completed a refresher course (online) and am good at test taking. I literally only need someway to get a skills verification or psychomotor exam. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to avoid paying, or paying too much for another refresher course if I can help it. I'm also currently in school full time.

Any help or advice?