paramedic job

  1. F

    Immediately Hiring Single-Role Paramedics in Granite Falls, WA

    Granite Falls is currently looking to immediately hire as many as three Paramedics. Job Description: Selected individuals will provide exceptional evidence-based medical care and customer service to anyone that they encounter. Paramedics function as part of a team over the entire 24 hour shift...
  2. B

    What do Palm Desert & Riverside (SoCal) Opportunities Look Like?

    This summer, I'll likely be transferring my paramedic license from out of state to look after my grandfather for a year or two. I'm a fairly green medic used to a broad scope of practice (but fine with a limited scope), and I'll be bringing a bachelor's with me. My career goal is mostly to get...
  3. EMTshred

    So Cal AMR Paramedic Jobs

    Been a member here for a few years now and finally got around to earning that P Card. Wanted to get some input (if possible) on peoples experience on AMR Ventura County vs. AMR San Bernardino County. Ive seen their scopes of practice, so for me living in Los Angeles , the biggest thing for me...
  4. T

    Jobs for Paramedic in AZ or TX

    Hey so my family is considering moving to either Phoenix or Houston area. I’m just curious what the job opportunities are like for a Paramedic with 3 years experience. I would ideally like a job in fire that has EMS or a flight job but understand how competitive they are. For medics in either...
  5. W

    Paramedic Programs

    Are there any paramedic programs that don't require EMT or paramedic prep for acceptance?
  6. M

    California Paramedics

    I'm a medic in New Mexico and just received my license in California. I am trying to move out there early 2018. I do not have a specific place picked out. I was just hoping to get some info about the jobs/emt environment out there. I was hoping to get an Emergency Department job but open for...
  7. M

    Getting a paramedic job with 5 over speeding ticket?

    Hey there! EMT-B here about halfway through her paramedic internship. I'm 21 and have had a pretty damn good driving record, but a few days ago I got cited for going 70 mph in a 65. Worried about finding a paramedic job in another area with a speeding ticket since almost all services ask for a...
  8. B

    Hennepin County Medical Center is hiring for paramedics

    Hi guys, Just wanted y'all to know that HCMC is hiring a lot of paramedics right now. If you don't know anything about them, I'd see the flyer I attached. Sounds like a good gig if you're cold blooded or can get over the cold for a career job.
  9. A

    $3000 Bonuses for FT Paramedics- Panama City, FL

    Sign on with Century as a Full Time Paramedic in Panama City, FL through June 30 and qualify for up to $3k in bonuses! Century Ambulance Service is the premier medical transport provider in North Florida expanding into the Bay County area, delivering unparalleled patient care and customer...
  10. K

    Paramedic - South Carolina Midlands

    Newberry County EMS is a progressive hospital-based EMS service located 45 miles northwest of Columbia, SC. We serve a population of 40,000 people in a 600 square mile area that is predominantly rural. NCEMS responds to 6000 calls annually. We have an immediate opening for a night time 12 hour...
  11. E

    Phoenix AZ EMT's and medic

    BlastMedics wants you Apply now.. Tell CC that Don sent you. All EMT's/Paramedics in AZ. We are going to need you for sporting events in February and beginning of March. Contact us at Thank you 2/4/17 - 10 needed 2/7/17 - 1 needed 2/9/17 - 2 needed 2/11/17 - 4 needed...
  12. J

    DFW Paramedic Openings

    We are HealhCare Compliance company seeking Paramedics/EMTs to help us: 1) Write Medical Emergency Courses 2) Inspect healthcare facilities for safety, infection control issues, etc. If you are looking for a full-time career change or you need some extra holiday cash part-time, give us a call...