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Granite Falls is currently looking to immediately hire as many as three Paramedics.
Job Description:
Selected individuals will provide exceptional evidence-based medical care and customer service to anyone that they encounter. Paramedics function as part of a team over the entire 24 hour shift, both answering 911 calls out in the field and back at the station.
Paramedics are expected to maintain and contribute to the current workplace culture at Granite Falls, which is friendly, inclusive, team-oriented and places a heavy emphasis on education and continuous improvement.
Granite Falls runs a tiered response system whereby a Medic is only dispatched a call is likely to be high-acuity or when a BLS unit requests an ALS evaluation. Medics can also downgrade a patient to a BLS patient per their own discretion, transfer care to a BLS unit, and then go back into service.
Granite Falls is approximately 25 minutes away from the closest hospital, allowing for far more opportunities to perform advanced procedures and generally play a larger role in patient care. Furthermore, Granite Falls has no interfacility contracts and responds only to 911 calls.
Finally, Granite Falls provides top-of-the-line equipment including electric gurneys and stair chair, auto-loaders on every rig, Glidescopes, self-occluding IV catheters and LifePak 15s.

Starts at 60k per year. Modified Detroit schedule.

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