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  1. KhukuriLord

    Job for new EMT in SoCal in San Fernando Valley Area?

    Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum. Like the title says, I'm a new EMT and I was wondering what places are the best to apply to as a new EMT? I'm located near the valley so I'd like to look for a job there but I'm open to Ventura County and jobs closer to LA as well. Thanks!
  2. K

    New EMT and Pregnant?

    It looks as if I am likely pregnant (blatantly positive home test but no blood test yet). My husband and I were 100% preventing, careful and consistent, and absolutely did NOT want this right now. This was seriously a 1 in 100 chance. However, I don’t believe in abortion and so am going through...
  3. G

    Injured on the job, now what?

    Hi, I'm a new EMT seeking advice on industry norms for handling injuries. After several months of solid work, I had a series of bad lifts with a weaker/new partner and pulled my back. It didn't get better and continued to get worse over the next week and a half, so I finally reported it and was...
  4. T

    New EMT

    I graduated from EMT school in January, but also got knee surgery in January. So now that im all healed up, what should i study up on to be succesful.
  5. cityboi323

    Probationary CA EMT cert

    Whats up everyone, im a new EMT in Kern county who has been granted an EMT cert on probationary terms. The terms of my probation are to only stay out of trouble for 3 years and thats it. I was arrested and convicted of a misdemeanor back when i was 18 and thats what caused my probationary...
  6. G

    Monterey County AMR jobs

    I just passed my National Registry and finally finished getting all the certifications to apply for AMR. I finally submitted an application with AMR on September 13. I contacted the training coordinator through an Email but, have not received a reply. Does anybody know how long they take to...
  7. J

    Gaining experience before applying for a job.

    Hi all So I am hoping to apply for a position with a wildland fire service this spring. I received my NREMT (EMT-B) and Wilderness EMT a couple months ago and I have contacted a number of agencies looking to volunteer or work per-diem and I am still waiting for replies. Does anyone have...
  8. M

    International jobs?

    I've been doing some research on different job opportunities for EMTs (I'm pretty new to this, so my information level is low at the moment), and I was interested in finding out more about potential to work overseas. A lot of what I've found online has been as conflicting as it is informative...
  9. RachZem

    Building a resume as a new EMT-B

    I just graduated my EMT-B program and want to hop right on the job, either on a truck or in an ER. Doesn't matter, just want to start working and get some good experience so I can get to where I want to be. Writing a resume has never really been a problem for me but I'm not sure what to do for...
  10. N

    New EMT working for IFT Company

    Hi everyone! I'm a new EMT in SoCal, and I'll be starting my first job with a company that runs IFTs in the Valley. (This seemed to be the most flexible option for me while I'm still in school) I wanted to know if anyone had any helpful tips/advice they could offer about starting out in the...
  11. R

    About to start EMT school soon...quick question!

    Hi all, i'm brand new to this website and i just had a quick question for everyone. I was doing some research about emt-b program lengths and most of them seem to range about about 150-200 hours to finish the program and so my question is, the school i am going to attend, their emt program is...
  12. L

    New EMT...ER tech job vs Ambulance jobs in MA ???

    Anyone have any experience working as an ER tech? I just recently became a certified EMT-B in MA and was hoping to work as an ER tech, but I don't have any EMT experience yet. Anyone know the likelihood of me getting hired with recent certification but no experience? I know some hospitals train...
  13. OHgrl74

    Newbie advice

    I'm a new EMT who has been running for about a month or so but have only had a handful of runs on my shifts. I'm frustrated at this point because I want the experience and runs but am nervous because I haven't had many runs. Tell me this is normal and it all comes in time and with experience...
  14. S

    The New Guy

    Hello everyone, I'm glad I found this discussion board it's full of great information. I'm beginning EMT-B school after the first of the year with a local government agency in my area. I'm going into this with no medical background or experience. (other than a few ride-alongs.) I'm a bit...
  15. Loshi

    Applied for Jobs, how long does its usually take for companies to reply?

    Hi, I'm a baby EMT, I previously worked as a scribe in the ED for about 6 months, volunteered in the ED for 5+ years, and have worked as an assistant manager for 5+ years. It's been 16 days since I've applied for jobs and I haven't heard anything back yet. I'm starting to worry that I have been...